Str8 Rippin has just completed their third spotlighted match, which appeared on MLG’s groundbreaking Championship Sunday broadcast. Tsquared and the rest of the gang slugged it out with Mackeo and his team, Instinct, in a fight for the right to move into MLG San Diego’s Finals. Although Instinct was able to break Str8’s flawless 13 map winning streak, they weren’t able to win the war. Str8 eventually won the match by a 3-1 final series score.

Str8 has now secured themselves a spot in the MLG San Diego Finals, where they cannot place lower than 2nd place. Their opponents are now being determined by the Losers Bracket, which is finishing up as we speak. Keep your browsers locked to as our Championship Sunday broadcast rolls on!

Game 1 – Narrows CTF
Str8 Rippin: 2
Instinct: 1

Game 2 – Amplified Team Slayer
Str8 Rippin: 50
Instinct: 47

Game 3 – Guardian Oddball
Instinct: 200
Str8 Rippin: 169

Game 4 – The Pit CTF
Str8 Rippin: 3
Instinct: 0

Str8 Rippin earned their spot in the Championship Match after taking out Instinct in the Winners Bracket Finals.