And the Str8 Rippin onslaught continues! Tsquared, Legit, Neighbor, and Elamite just took out their nemesis from MLG Meadowlands, Triggers Down. In what was their second MLG Saturday Night broadcasted match of the night, Str8 felt right at home under the watchful eyes of Sundance, Puckett, an entire venue of attendee’s, and the thousands of viewers watching from home. They eventually went on to win the match 3-0, and here’s how the action played out.

Game 1 – Onslaught CTF

In what would provide one of the exhilarating finishes we’ve seen thus far in Halo 3’s existence on the MLG Pro Circuit, the match kicked off on Onslaught CTF. Both teams traded captures back and forth, meanwhile doing their best to control top-mid. Tsquared was able to camp Triggers Down’s flag, whole throwing the flag down to his teammates with every given opportunity.

In the final moments of the game, Str8 were inches away from scoring the final flag and were killed. Tsquared came along, grabbed the flag, only to find Hysteria had grabbed his. Both players then proceeded to beat each other down, flag in hand, in which T2 came out on top of. He returned the flag, captured his opponents, and ended the game 5-4 in his favor.

Str8 Rippin continues their impressive trajectory through the Winners Bracket of MLG San Diego with a sweet 3-0 victory over Triggers Down.

Game 2 – Construct Team Slayer

With the early momentum in hand, Str8 rolled into Game 2 sporting a huge boost in confidence. They had just taken down one of the event favorites, and were determined to continue the trend. A mere 3 minutes into the match, Str8 took a 6 kill lead, and gradually expanded upon it throughout the match. Str8 won the match 50-41, and credited the win to their incredible teamwork. Each member of Str8 Rippin had double digits in assists, once again proving that teamwork always trumps individual skill.

Game 3 – Guardian Oddball

Both teams struggled for possession early on in the match, and possessed fairly equal scores throughout its entirety. Triggers Down then took the lead, and held it for a large portion of the map. As the ball passed between bottom green, to top blue, to elbow and bottom gold, it became blatantly obvious that neither team could hold a strong setup for more than 15 seconds at a time.

In the final seconds of Game 3, Tsquared went clutch for his second time of the match, killing two members of TD on the ball, and throwing the ball off the map. The move disabled any chance of TD to win the map, and gave his team yet another 3-0 victory.

Str8 Rippin has yet to drop a single game throughout the tournament here at MLG San Diego. Yet another congratulations goes out to STr8 Rippin, and be sure to stick with to see if the trend continues as the competition resumes tomorrow morning!