Although Str8 Rippin and Carbon have been knocked out of the tournament, they were pitted against one another in order to determine the 5th and 6th place pro seeds. Since they already played in Winners Bracket Round 3, the match was a continuation of that previous match. This meant Carbon went into the match with a 3-2 lead over Str8.

Despite their lead though, Str8 went on a rampage, winning four games in a row which secured them the 5th place prize. Here’s a breakdown of the results:

CTF The Pit
Carbon: 3
Str8 Rippin: 2

Team Slayer Narrows
Carbon: 38
Str8 Rippin: 50

Team King Construct
Carbon: 219
Str8 Rippin: 250

CTF Onslaught
Carbon: 3
Str8 Rippin: 5

Team Slayer Guardian
Carbon: 46
Str8 Rippin: 50