Fifth seeded Str8 Rippin and third seeded Instinct have just battled it out in what would be the first big-name scrimmage of MLG San Diego. The action took place at the Dr. Pepper booth, where it quickly became obvious that Str8 was reaping the benefits of a home field advantage. After a hard fought battle, Str8 went on to take the best of seven game series by a score of 4-1. Here’s a game by game breakdown of the match:

Game 1 – The Pit CTF

Instinct held the early lead of 1-0 for approximately 5:00 minutes into the match. Unfortunately for Instinct, it all went downhill from there. Legit responded back with Str8’s first capture of the game, and then rebutted with another shortly thereafter, bringing the score to 2-1 in Str8 Rippin’s favor. Elamite then brought home the final flag to end the match at 3-1. Tsquared went absolutely huge with a positive 13 ratio. Meanwhile, Makeo and Snipedown wrapped the game up at negative thirteen and fourteen.

Final Score – 3-1 Str8 Rippin

Game 2 – Narrows Team Slayer

Legit jumped out of the gates swinging, as he accounted for nearly half of Str8 Rippin’s kills midway through the map. Str8 continued to hold an approximate ten kill lead throughout the duration of the match. The rest of Str8 Rippin eventually caught up to Legit’s 16 kill onslaught, as Neighbor finished with 14 kills, and Elamite finished with 15. Str8 Rippin took Narrows TS by way of a 50-41 final score.

Final Score – 50-41 Str8 Rippin<

Game 3 – Guardian Oddball

As expected based on the two prior maps, Str8 came out in Game 3 by simply dominating Instinct. After jumping to an immense 80-17 lead, everything continued to work in Str8’s favor. While Elamite played the objective, T2, Legit, and Neighbor halted every attempt from Instinct to break their setup. Neighbor was a massive part of Str8’s domination, as he ended the game with a 41-24 kill/death ratio. Every member of Str8 Rippin went positive, while every member of Instinct went negative.

Final Score – 250-102 Str8 Rippin<

Game 4 – Construct Team King

In what would serve as a false sense of hope for the drowning Instinct, Mackeo and company took a quick 100-10 lead on their opponents. Yet after an extremely dismal start on the map, Tsquared rallied his troops in order to force what looked like one of the biggest comebacks of MLG San Diego thus far. With the help of coach xXx by keeping Str8 on top of the power-ups and hill changes, Str8 battled back to tie the game at 219. However, in the final 15 seconds of the map, Instinct took down three of their opponents and held onto the hill in order to win the match by a nose.

Final Score – 238-231 Instinct<

Game 5 – Narrows CTF

Serving as the final map of the best of seven series, Str8 Rippin were bound and determined to end the series at 4-1 in their favor. Legit came out strong as he captured two consecutive flags. Instinct then tried everything in their power in order to stop the inevitable. However, Tsquared was able to bring in the final flag to cap off the match was 3-0 in his team’s favor. This gave Str8 the 4-1 series win, and a boatload of confidence heading into tomorrow’s Championship Bracket competition.

Final Score – 3-0 Str8 Rippin<

Series Score – 4-1 Str8 Rippin