In what could likely be the biggest story of the event, both Carbon and Str8 Rippin have been knocked to the Losers Bracket in Round 3. Carbon fell to Storm Ventures in what was quite possibly the closest series of the entire event. Game 5 was Team Slayer on Midship where, with players on both sides weak, SV landed the final kill to win 50-49. Str8 Rippin was leading their series against S1 Gaming (formerly Get Treated) 2-0 before dropping 3 straight to head to the Losers side of the event early themselves. In Game 5 LightKing went 16-6 to lead his team to a convincing win. With those loses, these two teams seem to be heading for a Losers Bracket match for top 6. That means there will definitely be a shake-up in the top 3 and one of the established top teams will be going home at best in 7th place.

Never fear VoD subscribers! While those games might not have made it onto the live broadcast, they were recorded to DVD so you can expect those games in our post-event VoD batches. Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks to see those matches go live.