Beginning at MLG Columbus, MLG will be participating in a historic League Exchange Program with the GOMTV Global StarCraft 2 League. MLG will be inviting four GSL pro players to compete in each remaining Pro Circuit Competition of 2011, and these players will be placed directly into Pool Play in each Regular Season Event.

This incredibly exciting change necessitates some adjustments to the Regular Season Competition Format, in order to accommodate the extra players. Here’s exactly how it will work.

  • There will still be four Championship Pools. The Top 16 finishers from MLG Dallas will be seeded into the Pools based on their rank, just as in Dallas.
  • One GSL pro player will be added to each Pool, based on their GSL rank, as follows:
  • The #1 GSL pro player will go to Pool D
  • The #2 GSL pro player will go to Pool C
  • The #3 GSL pro player will go to Pool B
  • The #4 GSL pro player will go to Pool A
  • As before, one undefeated player from the Open Bracket will eventually join each pool, for a total of six players per Pool.
  • Each member of the Pool will play a total of five Pool Play matches, rather than four, which significantly increases the amount of games you will see played by top players

After MLG Columbus:

  • The Pools will always contain the Top 20 players (four invited GSL pro players, and 16 top-ranked MLG players) and four undefeated Open Bracket players, for a total of 24.
  • The 20 players who start in Pool Play on Friday will be seeded according to their Pro Circuit Rank Points.
  • No matter what their MLG seed is, the invited GSL pro players will be placed in Pools based on their GSL rank. The #1 ranked GSL pro player will always be placed into Pool D, etc.
  • In the National Championship, where there are no Pools, the GSL pro players will be seeded based on their MLG Rank Points.

Adding four players to the tournament has some ramifications for the format that go beyond Pool Play, so Regular Season competitions will work in the following way from MLG Columbus onward:

  • A round (Open Losers Round 9) will be added to the Open Bracket
  • 12 Players will advance from the Open Bracket into the Championship Bracket:
  • The four undefeated players will move into the Pools
  • The eight players with only one loss will be seeded into the Championship Losers Bracket
  • At the end of the tournament, 52 players—rather than the usual 48—will receive Pro Circuit Rank Points. Please see here [link] for a full breakdown of the new Rank Point allotment.

Please see the official StarCraft 2 Competition Format for a more detailed explanation of the new tournament format.

If you haven’t already, take a look at the official announcement of the MLG/GSL League Exchange Program; these are very exciting times for StarCraft 2, and we can’t wait to see what happens. Join us in Columbus and see for yourself; spectator passes and competitor passes are on sale now.


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