The Invite-Only Online Qualifiers are now complete, and we have our full list of competitors for Arena 2. If you missed any of the OQ broadcasts, catch up now with full VOD from the event to get yourself ready for this weekend's action.

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Broadcast Schedule (all times ET)

Friday, May 18: 5pm–11PM
Saturday, May 19: 12PM–8PM
Sunday, May 20: 12PM–6PM

Full caster and stream information

Full Player List

A lot is at stake for our 32 competitors. The Top 8 will share $26,400 in prize money. 12 players from the Arena, in addition to the Top 4 from Arena 1, will start in Pool Play at the Spring Championship. The bottom 16 players from Arena 2 will start the Championship in Open Winners R5. 

Here is the full list of qualifying players. Please note: this list is subject to change.

Arena 1 Top 4
DongRaeGu (Z)
Heart (T)
Ganzi (T)
MC* (P)

*MC replaces MarineKing, who cannot attend

Winner of the DreamHack EIZO Open
EGThorzain (T)

Korean Region Online Qualifier Top 10
FXOz (P)
TSLSymbol (Z)
SlayersAlicia (P)
SlayersMMA (T)
TSLPolt (T)
MVP_Dream (T)
TSLInori (P)
SlayersRyung (T)
IMLosira (Z)
FXOLeenock (Z)

NA Region Top 8
dSeleCT (T)
coLKiller (P)
ClashMook (P)
xSixSleep (Z)
Empire_Violet (Z)
EGIdra (Z)
FnaticRain (T)
EGHuK (P) *

HuK replaces Artist, who cannot attend.

EU Region Top 9
MilStephano (Z)
Socke (P)
Blast_Tefel (Z)
AcerBly (Z)
ESCGoody (T)
dBling (P)
Grubby (P)
LiquidRet (Z)
AI_Seiplo (P)

Make sure you're ready when the broadcast kicks off at 5pm ET this Friday! Get a Spring Season Pass or an a la carte Spring Arena 2 pass so you can watch the event, and join us for the next chapter in MLG StarCraft II history.