This evening, during the MLG All-Star Classic, a ceremony was held to honor the winner of the 2008 Old Spice Rising Star award. The award is intended to celebrate the individual player who has done the most to elevate their prominence and stature in the pro gaming community during 2008. A panel of MLG officials voted on a list of 12 nominees, and when the dust settled, one player stood as the unanimous winner: Snipedown.

Through his incredible play and statospheric rise from near-complete obscurity to being a key member of top-ranked Str8 Rippin, there is no doubt that Snipedown is truly the Old Spice Rising star of the 2008 season. Along with the title, Snipedown netted himself a $5,000 prize. Stick around all weekend long to see if Snipedown can parlay this win into a National Championship title alongside heavy favorites Str8 Rippin.

Snipedown wins the 2008 Old Spice Rising Star Award!