In yet another astonishing Halo 3 pro player transaction, MLG’s commissioner John Nelson has reported that Snipedown has officially joined the ranks of Str8 Rippin. Snipedown now finds himself alongside Pro Circuit veterans Tsquared, Legit, and ElamiteWarrior. After taking first at Orlando, in only his third Pro Circuit appearance, Snipedown filed for free agency from Triggers Down. He was then quickly acquired by Str8 Rippin upon Neighbor’s departure for Final Boss.

Snipedown made his first MLG appearance during Halo 3’s inaugural event at MLG Meadowlands. Shortly thereafter, he quickly developed a reputation as one of Halo 3’s most promising up and coming players. Like many breakout players before him, Snipedown is regarded for his willingness to learn from veteran players in order to add to his diverse repertoire of talents.

Str8 Rippin now marks Snipedown’s fourth different team heading into Halo 3’s fourth event. He has yet to compete in two consecutive events with the same team, but has managed to adjust flawlessly with each passing transaction.

With yet another team change, even more questions have been raised by the MLG comunnity. Will Snipedown be able to fill the void left by Neighbor? Who will take Snipedown’s place as the final member of Triggers Down? Will Str8 Rippin come out even stronger at MLG Toronto? We’ll soon find out. Until then, stick with us as even more pro player transactions become official leading up to MLG Toronto.

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