Major League Gaming and GOMTV are incredibly excited to announce the remaining two MLG/GSL League Exchange Program invitees for MLG Anaheim. As we previously announced, MLG Columbus Champion SlayersMMA, and the Emperor himself, SlayersBoxer, have accepted the first two invitations. Joining them on the journey from South Korea will be none other than MVPDongRaeGu, a player who has wowed fans with his incredible play in the GSTL, and IMMVP, the GSL January 2011 Champion. All four of these players will be placed directly into the Pool Play portion of the bracket as laid out below:


Apart from the four MLG/GSL League Exchange Program Invitees, MLG has confirmed that three additional Korean players will be competing in MLG Anaheim: ChoyaFoU, and Alicia and Ganzi of Slayers. All three will be playing through the 256-player Open Bracket alongside the rest of an incredibly talented field. Anaheim’s SC2 competition is now sold out, and the full Open Bracket player roster will be released soon.

Through the MLG/GSL League Exchange program, the Anaheim Champion will win an invitation to compete in GSL Code S, in addition to the $5,000 prize for 1st Place.  If the Champion already has Code S status, it will be offered to the next player in the Top 3 who is not already in Code S. If all three of the Top 3 players are already in Code S, no Code S status will be awarded. Also on the line are three spots in GSL Code A, which will be awarded to the three highest-finishing players who do not currently have Code A status or higher and were not invited via the League Exchange Program.

Anaheim is shaping up to be the most impressive MLG StarCraft 2 Event in history. Be sure to stay tuned for more preview coverage in the coming weeks as we gear up for what is sure to be an incredible competition.

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