Gh057ayame has improved his game by leaps and bounds over the six months that he has been a part of the MLG competitive scene. While he gained moderate recognition last season primarily on account of his Free For All performances, he caught the attention of MLG’s senior league officials at MLG New York, where he showed us that he made excellent use of his time during the off-season. The following is a brief statement from MLG’s Commissioner about why he was granted the MLG New York Scion Player of the Year nomination:

“By advancing to the Pro FFA where he took first place in the Round Robin–later finishing 6th in the 1v1–and playing an integral part in his 4v4 team’s 5th place finish, gh057ayame proved that he was the breakout player of MLG’s 2006 Kickoff Classic in New York.” – John Nelson, League Commissioner.

MLG sat down with Gh057ayame to talk a bit about his nomination, and found that his irreverent and quirky demeanor belies a fiercely competitive spirit and a determination to succeed that will serve him well as he prepares for the Scion Player of the Year competition to take place in Las Vegas during the 2006 Pro Circuit Championships.

Name / Gamertag: Eric Hewitt / Gh057ayame

Age: 17

Hometown: Westfield, New Jersey

Control Style: All Default, 4 Sensitivity, S-controller

Favorite Weapon: Battle Rifle

Favorite Map: Midship

Favorite Setting: Oddball Midship

Play Style: Aggressive, but can restrain when necessary.

Greatest Strength: FFA playing

MLG Competition Finishes:

MLG Philly 2005 – Top 128 FFA, 9-12 in 4v4.

MLG LA (Western Conference Championship) 2005 – 4th in FFA, Top 8 in 4v4.

MLG Chicago (Central Conference Championship) 2005 – Top 32 LCQ FFA, 5/6 in 4v4.

2005 National Championships – 7/8 in FFA, Top 8 in 4v4.

MLG New York 2006 – Top 8 Amateur FFA, 6th in Pro FFA, 5th in 4v4.

What was your reaction when you discovered that you were nominated for a spot in the Scion Player of the Year competition?

I was pretty much ecstatic. I kind of expected it a little bit, because when I went online after New York I saw Entity made a Player of the Year pick spread, and about 80 percent of it was Gh057ayame picks. I didn’t know about the staff, but if it were up to the fans, I figured I would’ve won, so… I was pretty confident that I would not only get the nomination, but maybe also win the car. You know, whatever. (laughs)

Based on your tournament performance in New York, MLG’s Senior League Officials have deemed you to be one of the most promising emerging talents in Halo 2. Tell us about how you got to this point.

Well, on November 9th, I bought Halo 2 and played it non-stop. I attended a couple local events and did alright. Actually, I got first in every FFA I played in. I haven’t lost a local FFA yet. I attended MLG Philly, and I was hoping to do amazingly in the FFA because that was what I was known for, but I choked on Beaver Creek because I didn’t know how to play it. That was a disappointment. I didn’t think we would do well, because we had 44th seed with Cheeesehead on our team, but we ended up doing pretty well. We beat a couple of good teams, including Pistol’s, and we got 9-12th. After that I started taking it really seriously, because I was thinking to myself, “If I can get 9-12th with Cheeesehead on my team and a kid who hasn’t played in four months, where’s the challenge?” (laughs) I played a couple local events with xXx, and he picked me up–and Pistol–and we advanced it from there. And as soon as I got those two big articles on from MLG LA, I felt like I was the big guy on campus.

What is your defining characteristic as a player?

Probably my sarcastic personality. I’m a wiseass. I can actually quote Sundance calling me a wiseass in an interview.

What has been the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome to get to this point?

Getting pizza at MLG events. I have yet to get a slice of pizza at an MLG (from the highly guarded staff area). I was promised pizza by someone named Dyslexia at New York, and it didn’t happen. That’s probably been the biggest obstacle. I just can’t acquire that pizza. My goal for the season is to break into the Top 4 of the 4v4. That’s probably my hardest obstacle, because everyone thinks it’s locked up.

What advice do you have for the up-and-comers out there looking to win a nomination?

Basically, practice your hardest and attend as many MLG events as possible. And if you have to screw some people over in the process to get ahead, go for it. (laughs) I’m kidding! You really have to devote a lot of time to playing — especially with your team. Everyone notices the FFA players more, but you don’t gain as much respect in the pro inner circles unless you do well in the 4v4. You can do amazingly in the FFA, but until you place highly in teams, you aren’t going to be known as anyone with the pros.

What will you be focusing on in order to prepare for the Scion Player of the Year Finals in Las Vegas?

Well, since there’s a FFA, 2v2 and a 4v4, I will be joining games with random people and starting to work out with them. Because if I’m going to be playing with people who I’ve never played with before, I’ll have to be focusing more on the team than just relying on knowing someone’s playing style.

What will you do if you win the Scion XB Release Series 3.0?

I’m going to jump up and down. Then I’m going to order enough pizza to fill up the entire car, and then I’m going to give it to every single player at the tournament–and not to the staff. (laughs)

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