The National Championships in Providence are going to be a marathon of high-level games, and only the Top 8 will be coming home with cash prizes. It will take just a couple of slip-ups for players to land themselves out of the money entirely, so let's take a look at which players have been the most consistent this Season.

Of the 272 players in the brackets, only 11 have managed to score points in all five MLGs this Season. Let's call them the MLG Stalwarts. Of the Stalwarts, not a single player managed to place in the Top 16 every time. In fact, it might surprise you to learn that the player who has played most consistently, in terms of never having an especially poor performance, is Sheth, who has never finished worse than 19th in any MLG this Season. Idra is right behind him, with 20th being his low mark of 2011. Haypro comes next at 21st , while Slush and Ret are tied for fourth, each having gotten a 23rd Place finish this year.

No player has managed to make the Top 8 of four MLGs this year. Idra and Huk both came close, with 9th and 10th Place finishes, respectively, to ruin it. The third-seeded Naniwa comes next, having placed 12th or better in four MLGs, and Ret and Sjow round it out with at least 13th place finishes in four MLGs.

But the MLG points system rewards impressive finishes as well as consistent ones. In the coveted Top 16, six players have attended only two MLGs this year, more than the number of MLG Stalwarts (five) who will start in the Championship Bracket. In fact, there are more MLG Stalwarts outside the Top 16 than in it; six of them will have no advantage in Providence and will have to battle through the Open Bracket. This is mostly down to the Korean factor: Korean players tend to come for a couple Events, but Code S training or other obstacles get in the way of them repeating their successes. As such, a full seven players who'd previously finished in the Top 4 will be playing in the Open Bracket this weekend: including Mvp, the MLG Raleigh Champion.