Wow, Christmas Eve already. Well, you may be on your way to visit your family. Or you may be just chilling at home by the fire with a controller in your hand enjoying your time away from work. In any case I hope everyone has a fun, relaxing, safe holiday. Well, while your in the computer room of your grandma’s house on dialup, you might as well get some news:

  • There are a boatload of vids from Gran Turismo 4 over at including some pretty neat commercials from Japan.
  • While it is a little long, HBO has up the “Beach of the Dead” video that takes a pretty funny look at the “Dawn of the Dead” Gametype.
  • Shacknews is reporting that Sega will be launching their “Sega Classics” lineup in March of 2005. The lineup will include: Outrun, Golden Axe, Space Harrier, Columns Alien Syndrome, Fantasy Zone, Monaco GP, Virtual Racing Flat Out, and Tant R Bonanza Bros. Outrun, Goldenaxe, and Space Harrier were friggen awesome. I honestly have never even heard of the others. :o (Shacknews)
  • BBC News has posted an article entitled Confessions of a Game Widow where a disgruntled wife explains how she has been neglected by her husband due to Halo 2 and Half-life 2. I don’t think it matters what the husband is playing, there are a lot of wives out there that probably feel this way. I remember meeting Hogster’s wife for the first time. If my wife not only put up with my gaming, but also traveled with me for tournaments… man, that’s a keeper.
  • A lot of people hate how quiet console developers can be about next-gen consoles. Well, while you may have to wait till May and E3 for ALL the juicy tid-bits, here is one interesting fact from Nintendo’s next console. Computer and Video Games has reported that Nintendo will not have a D-pad on their next console controller. Amazing.