Leading up to the Playoffs, MLG is giving voice to many of the best players in the league to get their predictions for who will finish on top. Yesterday we heard from Elamite Warrior, and now we’re taking it to the next level with one of the top pros out there: Samurai. He has been an integral part of the continued success of the 5th ranked Xit Woundz, and has proven time and time again to be a valuable asset to his team. Check out Samurai’s opinions, and keep your eyes on MLGPro.com all this week and next as we roll out predictions for both Halo 2 and Smash from Pros on many of the top teams.

Samurai’s Playoff Picks

1. Final Boss – Even though they lost in Orlando, I don’t see them losing to any team for the rest of the season. They are going to practice and be more determined to win than ever. So everyone that has to play FB better be ready, ’cause I know they sure will be.

2. Carbon – Carbon is an amazing team. However, I don’t see them taking first again this season. Gh057 was a great pick-up before the deadline, and it seems to me like he is the missing piece of the puzzle for this team.

3. XiT Woundz – I will always put my team in the Top 3 for predictions, because we have the potential to do it–we just haven’t done it yet this season. We have been watching VoD to see what we have been doing wrong, and are in the process of correcting our errors. This is going to help us a lot, and we are getting a lot better as a unit.

4. Storm Ventures – They played amazingly in Chicago, and it was because they didn’t let their emotions mess with their heads. I think all-around they are a much better team than Str8, but their performance in New York is going to come down to how well Naded plays and their mentality going into the tournament.

5. Str8 Rippin – Str8 Rippin is a solid team, but it seems like they have fallen behind FB and CbN as far as competition is concerned. The only way they are going to see the Top 3 again is if they don’t have to play us in the Losers Bracket and they have Anarchy and Foulacy carrying them.

6. LeGendZ – They’re another solid team, but they just threw the unit together with three very individual skilled players–and then Vash. I love everyone on this team, but since they don’t have established teamwork, I don’t see them breaking into the Top 4 at this point.

7. Shook On3 Gaming – This team has been together longer than any other team besides FB, and that’s really something considering the poor performances they have had in the past. It shows how good their chemistry is and that even if they have one bad tournament, they will come back better at the next one. It’s really their determination to do well that impresses me.

8. Vanity Gaming – The best team by far in the Level 1 Playoff Division, I can’t put them past any of the seven teams who are already qualified, however. The reason behind that is that they haven’t proven themselves yet to be a Top 6 team. Until they do they will be 8th in my mind, but they have the teamwork and individual skill to definitely upset someone in the Top 7 given some more time and practice.