By Roy

What’s up, everybody! With Anaheim just a week away, it’s time to let everybody know how the 2011 Season has been going so far. Lunchbox and I both decided to switch up rosters after the 2010 Season, and team with Totz and T2.  This was a decision I hated to have to make, as ElamiteWarrior and Cloud were very good friends of mine, but it was a business decision Lunchbox and I thought was best for us. Take a look at how we got to where we are.

MLG Dallas 2011

After we decided on this squad, the very next week I flew down to T2’s place in Tampa, and then we embarked on a 16-hour drive back to the Gaming House in Illinois. This was a crazy drive as we got caught in an ice storm in Georgia and ended up sleeping for four hours on the interstate in standstill traffic.  Despite that, we made the best of it and I can personally say T2 knows how to go on a road trip! Our team practiced online for a few weeks and played in about five LANs, so we went into the tournament feeling very confident that we would be contenders.

Throughout the weekend, our team struggled to get on the same page.  We ended up losing to Warriors in Game 5 by a lot and were almost guaranteed to lose our Pool.  We had to win two series in a row 3-0 and have Warriors lose to GMM 3-2 for us to win, and I will be the first to say we were VERY fortunate when this happened and we edged out our Pool.  After getting this break, I was very hopeful we could turn it around and make a run on Sunday.  However, we couldn’t get into a groove. This cost us our first series against SQ, and then we lost in the continuation to Warriors and ended up placing 6th. This was a very disappointing tournament; we could just never get it going as a unit, and were unable to play to our full potential.  

MLG Columbus 2011

After placing 6th, Lunchbox and I decided to reevaluate our team. This is when we thought to approach Ogre2 and Ola as they had also had a disappointing finish in Dallas. To me this was a dream squad that I have been thinking about for a while.  I have the highest respect for both of them; they are two of the most accomplished players in the history of MLG.  After considering it for a few days, they called and told us it was happening and I was more excited for this team than I have ever been for any other. 

Ola and I got to do a few Dr Pepper Wal-Mart appearances in the time leading to Columbus. It was great to meet our fans and hang out with them. Of course, it was also great getting to bond with Ola. One of the major highlights for me had to be going to the Dr Pepper bottling plant. We got to see how Dr Pepper is all bottled and packaged, which was sick—definitely something you don’t get to see every day.  Special thanks to Kyle Root from Dr Pepper and Alyssa Yee from MLG for making it a very awesome trip!

Once we got back, practicing with this squad felt like home.  We played five nights a week almost every week until our LAN the week before the tournament, and it showed; we didn’t drop a single series the entire weekend and played well throughout.  When the tournament came, I felt as though we were extremely prepared as a team and very comfortable.  We began the tournament playing very well and the next thing I knew we were sitting in the WB Finals without having yet lost a game.  After going up 2-0 and winning two intense games, we were only four games away.  But it just wasn’t meant to be, as we went on to lose Sanc Bomb 1-0.  The disappointment soon subsided, as we won the next game and went on to sweep Str8 in the Finals.  The tournament could not have turned out much better and going into Anaheim we have already begun practicing. The RoyBox stream is also in the works and should be ready in the next week or so. Be sure to follow Lunchbox and me on Twitter for updates on when it’ll be up. 

Gotta start by shouting out to Towey, THE BEST COACH IN THE GAME—he has been a great friend to Lunchbox and me for a while now and doesn’t get the credit he deserves.  Special thanks to the entire Pennacchio family; they’re a second family to me and I have nothing but love for them!  Wanna give a huge thanks to Dr Pepper for allowing me to be a part of their team and I look forward to continuing our relationship  Last but not least, Ogre2 and Ola for making the decision they did and allowing this squad to happen! Be sure to follow all of us on twitter: Roy, Lunchbox, Towey, OGRE2 and Pistola. We will be doing come community games in between events so stay posted! BORG OUT.     


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