2008 Season MVP

After an extremely successful 2008 Season, Roy has been officially named the Most Valuable Player of the 2008 Season by Major League Gaming. As a static member of Instinct for the entire 2008 Season, Roy placed outside of the Top 3 at just one event, netting 419 more kills than deaths over the course of the 2008 Season. When you compare Roy’s positive 419 K/D spread with the rest of Instinct’s positive 139 K/D spread, it’s easy to see that he played a huge part in their monumental success.

Further expanding upon Roy’s slaying power this season, he managed to go positive 212 against teams finishing in the Top 8 this year, while the other three members of Instinct combined to go negative 176 during those same games. Furthermore, although historically uncharacteristic of a team’s main slayer, Roy put together an impressive objective repertoire, laying claim to 24% of Instinct’s total Ball and Hill time.

Check out a recap of the MVPs from each event below, and once again, congratulations to Roy on this grand achievement.