Rank Final Standings
1st (2) Final Boss
2nd (1) Instinct
3rd (7) Triggers Down
4th (5) Status Quo
5th (10) UoR Warriors
6th (3) Believe The Hype
7th (14) UoR Dynasty
8th (11) Purgatory
9th (8) Heaven and Earth
10th (13) Power
11th (12) Ambush
12th (25) The Other Guys
13th (6) Carbon
14th (4) Str8 Rippin
15th (17) UoR SyA
16th (9) Darkest Hour
17th (21) UoR TheYellowDragons
18th (22) UoR VictoriousSecret
19th (15) Reign Of Chaos
20th (18) Gimme My Money
21st (23) Reality Check
22nd (20) Livin’ the Dream
23rd (16) Relentless
24th (19) Legacy
25th (24) ULTIMATE
26th (31) NewKinD
27th (28) Count Your Blessings
28th (27) Take Respect
29th (32) Power of Hope
30th (26) Relapse
31st (29) Its a Wrap
32nd (30) 4 Jumping Idiots
33rd Point of Vanity
33rd Upset City
33rd XPosure
33rd Bad Blood
33rd Sunshine Underground
33rd Shirt B4 The Shirt
33rd Creepin
33rd HashSlingingSlashers
41st Go Dirty Early
41st Under Pressure
41st Wages of Sin
41st Overdose
41st Escape
41st Quick to the BatCave
41st Cookies n Cream
41st Lullaby