Pro Player – Tsquared

    Name: Tom Taylor
    Gamertag: Tsquared
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Birthday: 10-15-1987
Hometown: Jupiter, FL
Pro Player of: Halo 2
Other Favorite Games: Halo 1, Area 51, NBA Live, Madden, Mortal Kombat, Guitar Hero
Pro Since: June 2004
Favorite Gametype: CTF Sanctuary
Controls: Default-S-type controller
Sensitivity: 4

The high-profile head of Str8 Rippin, Tsquared’s outgoing personality has shaped the trajectory of the sport. Recently named Stuff Magazine’s ‘Most Influential Person Under 30′ and appearing on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, Tsquared elevates the public perception of pro gamers through his cool demeanor and confidence. As a player, T2 has been a force in the league from the beginning, developing its fan base through his sincere community interaction.

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Player Status Message

Leading the first squad to overthrow the previously-untarnished Final Boss, T2 brings a new analytical angle to the game. Tsquared’s mental approach has been adopted by his teammates, as Str8 Rippin’s play style is marked by strategic formations and a slower tempo. Through excellent communication and adaptability, T2 has established his side as one of the top forces on the circuit. Tsquared possesses an extraordinary supply of raw talent, and is one of the league’s true power-weapons specialists. His sniping is matched by few, and his intense focus has driven one of Major League Gaming’s most successful careers.


Career Highlights:
MVP of the MLG All-Star Classic 2006
Signed a $250,000 Contract with MLG
Won back-to-back MLG Majors
Won MLG Boston FFA
Overthrew Final Boss at MLG Philly while being filmed by MTV True Life
Placed Top 5 at 30 consecutive national tournaments
Started in September 2005

Media Appearances:
MTV True Life: I’m a Professional Gamer – November 2005
MTV Overdrive
MTV: Making the game
CNBC Hour Long Gaming Special
Spike TV: Gamehead August 2006

Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) – April 05
Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) – October 05
Official Xbox Magazine (OXM) – March 05
Cargo Magazine
Sun-Sentinel “Who’s got game” – April 27, 2005
Stuff Magazine: Power List 20 Under 30 – August 2006
Wired Magazine – August 2006
Wall Street Journal – 7/26/2006 (Front Page)

X102.3 Jams Mark McKrazy Morning Show
Real Radio 104.1 – The Hideout – August 2006
ABC News Radio – August 2006

GTTV – Win in MLG Las Vegas
Gameriot Celebrity appearance at Sunfest
Scion Pop-Up Event – Celebrity Appearance, Miami, FL

Likes: Gaming, poker, football, basketball, the beach, traveling, parties

Dislikes: Waking up early, seafood, shallow people, chicks who stereotype gamers, airport lines

Origin of Handle: My name; Tom Taylor. Most people called me T, and then it turned into T2.

First Competitive Gaming Memory: The classic car pool rides across the country.

Competitive Gaming History:

Halo 2 — 2006

Event  Open 4v4   Championship 4v4   Open FFA   Championship FFA  Teammates
MLG New York 2nd Defy, Fonzi, Foulacy
MLG Dallas 2nd Defy, Fonzi, Foulacy
MLG Anaheim 3rd Defy, Fonzi, Foulacy
MLG Chicago 7th Defy, Fonzi, Foulacy
MLG Orlando 3rd Cpt Anarchy, Fonzi, Foulacy
MLG NY Playoffs 3rd Cpt Anarchy, Fonzi, Foulacy
MLG Vegas National Championships 3rd Cpt Anarchy, Fonzi, Foulacy

Halo 2 — 2005

Event LCQ 4v4 Championship 4v4 LCQ FFA Championship FFA Teammates
MLG Washington D.C. n/a 2nd n/a 9th-16th Sergio, Tupac, Zyos
MLG Houston n/a 4th n/a 2nd Defy, Gandhi, Vash
MLG Orlando n/a 3rd n/a 2nd Fonzi, Foulacy, Karma
MLG St. Louis n/a 4th n/a KillerN, Tupac, Vash
MLG Philadelphia n/a 1st n/a Fonzi, Foulacy, Zyos
MLG Las Vegas n/a 1st n/a 5th Fonzi, Foulacy, Zyos
MLG Seattle n/a 3rd n/a Detach, Foulacy, Mack
MLG LA Western CC 2nd Cpt Anarchy, Fonzi, Foulacy
MLG Atlanta Eastern CC 2nd Fonzi, Foulacy, Zyos
MLG Chicago Central CC 3rd Fonzi, Foulacy, Tupac
MLG NY National Championships n/a 5th n/a Defy, Toxin, Vash

Halo 1 — 2004

Event 4v4 FFA Teammates
MLG Dallas 3rd (3v3) Gintron, Killer
MLG Chicago 4th 5th Legend, McGavin, Mighty
MLG Atlanta 4th Alex, Csquared, Scythe
San Francisco 1st 3rd Scythe, Slim, Zyos
MLG Boston 4th 1st Hugo, McGavin, Slim