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Name: Lester Chen

Birthdate: May 31, 1988

Hometown: Appleton, WI

Pro Player Since: Dallas 2006

Pro Player of (Past and Present): Halo 2

Controller Setting (Controls, Sensitivity, Controller): Default Buttons, 4 Sensitivity, Vibration, Boxer-Claw

Favorite Games: Super Smash Brothers, Super Mario RPG, Rock N’ Roll Racing, Bonk, Battle Toads, Turok.

Favorite MLG Maps/Gametypes: Lockout Ball, Sanctuary Flag, Midship Slayer

Likes: Mashed potatoes, reading philosophy, gaming for 6-hour blocks, sleeping, lifting (weights), talking, Xena.

Dislikes: Sleeping in, lunch (the meal not the player), studying, XBL trash talk, girls who wear big sunglasses.

First Competitive Gaming Memory: Local tournament in a Highschool gym where 10 people showed up and played 1v1 for a $10.00 gift card to Blockbuster.

What’s Unique About Your Play Style?: I shoot, a lot. Rarely do I ever stop shooting in a game, sometimes even at walls when nothing is going on. It’s both a lure and a way to break shields so that my teammates can do the dirty work.

Key MLG Tournament Moments: MLG Charlotte 2007. Great tournament, breakthrough for 5K, a great release after a long off-season.