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Name: Gavin Smith

Birthdate: September 30th, 1990

Hometown: DeBary, FL

Pro Player Since: April 2005

Pro Player of (Past and Present): Halo 2

Controller Setting (Controls, Sensitivity, Controller): Default-S-type controller, 4 sensitivity

Favorite Games: Halo: CE, Madden, Shadowrun

Favorite MLG Maps/Gametypes: Beaver TS, Midship CTF

Likes: Baseball, Football, Gaming, Girls, Beach, Traveling, Parties, Hanging out with friends.

Dislikes: School, Waking up early, Airports, Xbox Live

First Competitive Gaming Memory: When I went to my first MLG(Orlando 05) and got 6th in the FFA when I was 14

What’s Unique About Your Play Style?: Versatile

Key MLG Tournament Moments: Beating Zyos in Dallas 06 and with that ending his Halo 2 career