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Name: Scott Lussier

Birthdate: September 24th, 1989

Hometown: Nokesville, VA

Pro Player Since: July 2005

Pro Player of (Past and Present): Halo 2

Controller Setting (Controls, Sensitivity, Controller): Default, 5, S type

Favorite Games: 007 Goldeneye, Mario Kart, Zelda ocarina of time, majoras mask, and twilight princess, Mario 64, Perfect Dark, Halo CE, and Halo 2

Favorite MLG Maps/Gametypes: CTF Sanctuary, Oddball Lockout, TS Beaver

Likes: Weightlifting, Video Games, Chipotle, Partying, Fishing, Bowling

Dislikes: Pickles, Onions, World of Warcraft, Cold Weather

First Competitive Gaming Memory: Winning VA Frag Fest 2003

What’s Unique About Your Play Style?: I am sneaky.

Key MLG Tournament Moments: Winning MLG Orlando with Team Carbon, Winning 2006 National Championships

Player Match Commentary: Gandhi

Gandhi describes his team role while commentating on Carbon’s National Championship run in Las Vegas.