Name: Carlos Morales

Birthdate: January 16th, 1989

Hometown: Oakland, California

Pro Player Since: 2005

Pro Player of (Past and Present): Halo 2

Controller Setting (Controls, Sensitivity, Controller): Default, 4, Black S Type only

Favorite Games: Halo: CE, Sonic the Hedgehog, Twisted Metal, Tony Hawk series

Favorite MLG Maps/Gametypes: Midship, Midship CTF, Sanctuary ctf, team slayer Midship, old school Sanctuary snipers I was a beast!

Likes: Lifting, Gaming, Partying, Brunettes, Movies, Reading, Music, Traveling, West Field New Jersey aka Ghostayame’s house.

Dislikes: Ignorant and rude people, the misconception of pro gamers and the haters, waiting around a gate to fly, television, Xbox live.

First Competitive Gaming Memory: LA 2005 getting second place with TmG aka Str8 Rippin against Final Boss, going 15-5 Sanctuary snipers and the crowd going nuts.

What’s Unique About Your Play Style?: My ability to take over a spot with my unbelievable charging abilities, which I am able to do since I have a really good shot, also just how smart I have become.

Key MLG Tournament Moments: Winning the Atlanta 2005 LCQ FFA. Back then it was a big deal to win those LCQ’s . Back to back 3rd place finishes in 2005 and 2006 championships. The victory walk vs. Exit Woundz at Orlando first pro player to get a dq, for those of you who don’t know ask me it’s awesome, also the victory lap against Perfect Balance after coming back and winning at Dallas 2007.