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    Name: Dan Ryan
    Gamertag: OGRE 1
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Birthday: August 3, 1986
Hometown: Pickerington, OH
Pro Player of: Halo 2
Other Favorite Games: Halo 1, Starcraft for PC, Battlefield: Modern Combat, Super Smash Brothers for N64
Pro Since: January 05
Favorite Gametype: Oddball Midship
Controls: Duke controller – Default controls
Sensitivity: 5

Ogre 1, easily one of the most legendary names in competitive gaming, is often considered alongside twin brother Ogre 2 to be the best player in the game. The mythology behind the twin brothers from Pickerington is more than warranted, as the pair has won more national Halo: CE and Halo 2 tournaments than any other player. Alongside teammates Walshy and Saiyan, the Ogres have blazed the trail for competitive gaming and serve as a benchmark for competitive excellence and sportsmanship.

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Player Status Message

Ogre 1 is known for his consistency, and rarely produces an off-game. To take full advantage of his astounding skill set, Ogre 1 is entrusted with Final Boss’ primary slaying role. Ogre 1 possesses keen awareness and uses his anticipation of enemy movements to keep power weapons safely controlled. A true marksman with the sniper, Ogre 1 is a constant threat to decimate opposing squads with a single clip. His clever tactics, innovative combat skills and complete knowledge of the game blow away both the competition and spectators alike.

Team: Final Boss

Career Highlights: Winning MLG 2004 and 2005 Championships

Media Appearances: EGM Magazine, BPM

Likes: Soccer, food, 2v2′s with my brother.

Dislikes: School, getting spawn killed.

Origin of Handle: My brother and I just wanted something people would remember, which is why we did OGRE 1 and OGRE 2. Being twins, it sticks in people’s heads. I was born first, and am therefore OGRE 1.

First Competitive Gaming Memory: My first competitive gaming memory comes from my very first Halo 1 tournament. The team was me, Tom (OGRE 2), OGRE 3, and NistiC. It was a small local tournament being held at Ohio University by the African American Brotherhood of OU. Now, at this time, Tom and I were sophomores in high school, and we had found out about the tournament from one of our older brother’s friends who went to OU. At this point in time, neither OGRE 3 nor NistiC were any good, and believe it or not, Puckett was the next best player from our town. However, Puckett could not attend the event, so we had to take what we could get. In the end, we completely dominated the tournament, and the Championship Match was something ridiculous like Team Slayer on Blood Gulch… where Tom and I each had around 20 kills, and Marty and Kevin (3 and NistiC) made up the rest of the 10 kills or so. For winning the tournament, we each received like, $25 dollar gift certificates to… some place–I forget… and most importantly, a certificate that said “African American Brotherhood: Halo Tournament: Respect My Gangsta OGRE 1,” which I still have to this day.

Competitive Gaming History:

Halo 2 — 2006

Event  Open 4v4   Championship 4v4   Open FFA   Championship FFA  Teammates
MLG New York 1st 9th OGRE 2, Saiyan, Walshy
MLG Dallas 1st 9th OGRE 2, Saiyan, Walshy
MLG Anaheim 1st 5th OGRE 2, Saiyan, Walshy
MLG Chicago 1st 9th OGRE 2, Saiyan, Walshy
MLG Orlando 2nd 23rd OGRE 2, Saiyan, Walshy
MLG NY Playoffs 2nd 13th OGRE 2, Saiyan, Walshy
MLG Vegas National Championships 2nd OGRE 2, Saiyan, Walshy

Halo 2 — 2005

Event LCQ 4v4 Championship 4v4 LCQ FFA Championship FFA Teammates
MLG Washington D.C. n/a 1st n/a Top 16 OGRE 2, Saiyan, Walshy
MLG San Francisco n/a 1st n/a 1st OGRE 2, Saiyan, Walshy
MLG Houston n/a 1st n/a Top 16 OGRE 2, Saiyan, Walshy
MLG Orlando n/a 1st n/a Top 16 OGRE 2, Saiyan, Walshy
MLG St. Louis n/a 1st n/a 3rd OGRE 2, Saiyan, Walshy
MLG Philadelphia n/a 2nd n/a 1st OGRE 2, Saiyan, Walshy
MLG LA Western CC 1st 13th OGRE 2, Saiyan, Walshy
MLG Atlanta Eastern CC 1st 11th OGRE 2, Saiyan, Walshy
MLG Chicago Central CC 1st 7th OGRE 2, Saiyan, Walshy
MLG NY National Championships n/a 1st n/a 3rd OGRE 2, Saiyan, Walshy

Halo 1 — 2004

Event Championship FFA Championship 4v4 Teammates
MLG Philadelphia 1st 1st Clockwork, OGRE 2, Strangepurple
MLG Dallas Top 8 1st (3v3) OGRE 2, Strangepurple
MLG Chicago Top 8 2nd OGRE 2, Strangepurple, Saiyan
MLG Atlanta 2nd 2nd Clockwork, OGRE 2, Saiyan
MLG Seattle 2nd 1st KillerN, OGRE 2, Walshy
MLG New York National Championships 5th-6th 1st KillerN, OGRE 2, Walshy