Pro Player – Karma

    Name: Ben Jackson
    Gamertag: Karma
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Birthday: March 25, 1988
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Pro Player of: Halo 2
Other Games: Super Smash Brothers: Melee
Pro Since: May 2006
Favorite Gametype: Capture the Flag
Controls: Default Thumbsticks and Buttons, Vibration On
Sensitivity: 4

Having earned championship titles in both singles and team play, Karma has reached the peak of Major League Gaming’s world-class competition. Holding what can only be described as a dynasty, Karma’s incredible unbeaten streak in 1v1 competition dates back to the 2005 season. Karma’s singles game is marked by an unparalleled ability to aggressively fortify a stage’s vantage points and force his opponents to approach from disadvantageous positions. In stark contrast, he adopts a supporting role during team play, enabling his teammates to step into the more glorified slaying roles.

Throughout the season, his reign has been relatively unchallenged, as he has raised his game a cut above the competition. The overwhelming favorite in any competition he enters, Karma has proven over the course of several consecutive 1v1 championship titles that he is truly the master of individual mind-games and battle tactics. It is quite simply difficult to overstate the extent to which he dominates this competition, and the unprecedented success that he has garnered will surely earn him a spot in the hallowed halls of pro gaming’s greatest names.


Career Highlights: Always making my teammates look good.

Media Appearances: CNBC

Likes: Soul food.

Dislikes: Junk food.

Origin of Handle: My life had always revolved around Karma in certain ways. I had always been nice to people and never did anything wrong and I got good things in return, then I went through my rebellious stage and life was just like “WRONG”. And I also thought it was cool that in Halo 1 it said ‘You were killed by bad karma.’

First Competitive Gaming Memory: When Lowk beat me at a local Halo 1 tournament in San Diego.

Competitive Gaming History:

Halo 2 — 2006

Event  Open 4v4   Championship 4v4   Open FFA   Championship FFA  Teammates
MLG New York 3rd 1st Shockwav3, Gandhi, StrongSide
MLG Dallas 3rd 1st Shockwav3, Gandhi, StrongSide
MLG Anaheim 2nd 1st Shockwav3, Gandhi, StrongSide
MLG Chicago 3rd 1st Shockwav3, Gandhi, StrongSide
MLG Orlando 1st 1st Shockwav3, Gandhi, GH057ayame
MLG NY Playoffs 1st 1st Shockwav3, Gandhi, GH057ayame
MLG Vegas National Championships 1st 1st Shockwav3, Gandhi, GH057ayame

Halo 2 — 2005

Event LCQ 4v4 Championship 4v4 LCQ FFA Championship FFA Teammates
MLG San Francisco n/a 3rd n/a 8th Fonzi, Foulacy, Walka
MLG Orlando n/a 3rd n/a 1st Fonzi, Foulacy, Tsquared
MLG St. Louis n/a 3rd n/a 2nd Fonzi, Foulacy, Zyos
MLG Seattle n/a 1st n/a 3rd Shockwav3, Gandhi, Defy
MLG LA Western CC 5th 1st Chaos, Hellboy, Beware
MLG Atlanta Eastern CC 13th-16th 2nd Bluefuzzybunny, Coltmaster, Nemo
MLG Chicago Central CC 4th 3rd Shockwav3, Gandhi, StrongSide
MLG NY National Championships n/a 2nd n/a 1st Shockwav3, Gandhi, StrongSide