Pro Player – Gandhi

    Name: Scott Lussier
    Gamertag: Gandhi
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Birthday: Sept 24 1989
Hometown: Nokesville, Virginia
Pro Player of: Halo2
Other Favorite Games: Madden
Pro Since: July 2005
Favorite Gametype: TS Beaver Creek, Oddball Lockout
Controls: Default
Sensitivity: 5

Emerging onto Major League Gaming’s scene in 2005 as a virtual unknown, Gandhi made himself known across the league. Since his MLG debut, Gandhi has placed no lower than fourth in team play. While he boasts stellar fast-paced gameplay, fans and rivals alike know Gandhi for his over-the-top trash talking. Viewed by many as the league’s most humorous character, Gandhi is a constant source of witty banter and outrageous smack talk during matches.

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While highly entertaining, Gandhi’s verbal assaults both intimidate and irritate opponents. He possesses the unique ability to derail opposing teams, throwing them off their game and giving his side the advantage in a match. Gandhi’s brash and self-assured personality frequently sparks controversy and polarizes fans. A solid force for Carbon, Gandhi and his teammates are determined to fight for top honors in every event.


Career Highlights: CTF Sanctuary vs. Final Boss in Orlando. Winners Bracket Finals. End of story.

Likes: Lacrosse, Fishing, Partying.

Dislikes: People who can’t take jokes.

Origin of Handle: In 6th grade I did a report on Gandhi which took up the whole class. When I finished the report, my teacher said, “Okay Gandhi, you can go sit down now.”

First Competitive Gaming Memory: AGP3 playing StK on CTF Derelict and getting absolutely wrecked. It was a good time….

Competitive Gaming History:

Halo 2 — 2006

Event  Open 4v4   Championship 4v4   Open FFA   Championship FFA  Teammates
MLG New York 3rd Karma, Shockwav3, Strongside
MLG Dallas 3rd Top 64 Karma, Shockwav3, Strongside
MLG Anaheim 2nd Top 64 Karma, Shockwav3, Strongside
MLG Chicago 3rd Top 128 Karma, Shockwav3, Strongside
MLG Orlando 1st Top 256 GH057ayame, Karma, Shockwav3
MLG NY Playoffs 1st GH057ayame, Karma, Shockwav3
MLG Vegas National Championships 1st GH057ayame, Karma, Shockwav3

Halo 2 — 2005

Event LCQ 4v4 Championship 4v4 LCQ FFA Championship FFA Teammates
MLG Washington D.C. n/a 5/6 n/a Top 32 Defy, Mack, Vash
MLG Houston n/a 4th n/a 3rd Defy, Tsquared, Vash
MLG Orlando n/a 2nd n/a Top 32 McGavin, Shockwav3, Vash
MLG St. Louis n/a 2nd n/a Top 16 Mcgavin, Sergio, Shockwav3
MLG Las Vegas n/a 2nd n/a Mcgavin, Sergio, Shockwav3
MLG Nashville n/a 1st n/a 4th Defy, Vash, Zyos
MLG Seattle n/a 1st n/a Top 16 Defy, Karma, Shockwav3
MLG Chicago Central CC 4th 20th Karma, Shockwav3, Strongside
MLG NY National Championships n/a 2nd n/a Karma, Shockwav3, Strongside