Pro Player – Defy

    Name: Brandon Jenkins
    Gamertag: Defy
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Birthday: January 12,1987
Hometown: Waldorf, Maryland
Pro Player of: Halo 2
Other Favorite Games: None
Pro Since: April 06
Favorite Gametype: Warlock CTF
Controls: Default
Sensitivity: 3

Defy has the dubious distinction of being one of the league’s most consistently excellent players who does not get enough credit from the general public. Despite his uniformly solid play, proven performances on top squads and considerable respect among the pro community, the mainstream popularity that many of his contemporaries enjoy has eluded him. However, fans of Defy know him for his mature and selfless character, putting team efforts before individual glory.

As a player, Defy is one of the most fundamentally sound on the circuit. Sporting top marksmanship with his Battle Rifle, Defy’s fluid shot serves as a textbook example for efficiently dispatching opponents in one-on-one encounters. A natural leader, Defy is a proven team player and excels when vocally coordinating his squad’s strikes. Defy has cemented his position among the game’s elite and anticipation is high for what he will bring to Major League Gaming’s Pro Circuit in 2007.

Team: LeGendZ

Career Highlights: Second place 4v4 at New York, 1st place 4v4 at Dallas

Media Appearances: n/a

Likes: Charging

Dislikes: Getting Double Teamed

Origin of Handle: Just thought of it.

First Competitive Gaming Memory: 50k3: Thor, Mack, Jay Neat, and I went as PSF (Pancake Strike Force) and got ruined. Back then I really didn’t take it serious but when Halo 2 came out I saw it as a fresh start so I picked it up.

Competitive Gaming History:

Halo 2 — 2006

Event  Open 4v4   Championship 4v4   Open FFA   Championship FFA  Teammates
MLG New York 2nd

Fonzi, T2, Foulacy
MLG Dallas 2nd Fonzi, T2, Foulacy
MLG Anaheim 3rd Fonzi,T2, Foulacy
MLG Chicago 7th Fonzi, T2, Foulacy
MLG Orlando 8th Vash, Mack, StrongSide
MLG NY Playoffs 5th Top 64 Vash, Mack, StrongSide
MLG Vegas National Championships 4th Vash, Mack, StrongSide

Halo 2 — 2005

Event LCQ 4v4 Championship 4v4 LCQ FFA Championship FFA Teammates
MLG Washington D.C. n/a Top 8 n/a Top 16 Vash, Mack, Gandhi
MLG Houston n/a 4th n/a Top 64

Vash, T2, Gandhi
MLG St. Louis n/a 5/6th n/a Top 32 Gspot, Ronin, PaCMaYNE
MLG Philadelphia n/a 3rd n/a Top 8 Mcgavin, Vash, Mack
MLG Las Vegas n/a 3rd n/a Top 16 Vash, Mack, Cpt Anarchy
MLG Nashville n/a 1st n/a Top 128 Zyos, Gandhi, Vash
MLG Seattle n/a 1st n/a Top 8 Shockwav3, Gandhi, Karma
MLG LA Western CC 4th 8th Mack, Vash, Toxin
MLG Atlanta Eastern CC 3rd Top 32 Vash, Cpt Anarchy, Toxin
MLG Chicago Central CC 5/6 Top 64 Vash, Cpt Anarchy, Toxin
MLG NY National Championships n/a 5/6th n/a Vash, T2, Toxin