Name: Carlos Morales

Gamertag: Cpt Anarchy

What is your first tip for new players?

Get the feel for the game obviously. You die faster so don’t make dumb plays.

What is your favorite new addition that will affect competitive play?

Forge and shooting takes more skill.

What is your favorite map so far?

What is your favorite primary weapon? What is your favorite power weapon?

Carbine, Sniper Rifle and Rockets.

What is the biggest surprise in the game?
There aren’t any really small maps.

What is the #1 thing you think will enhance teamwork within the game and why?
Probably the ability to watch games you play and go over some of the stuff you do wrong with your team, this way you can see what your enemy did to break your set up and what you can do differently next time to not allow them to.


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