Triggers Down came into San Diego as one of the community’s favorites to win the event. The team took an early loss to Str8 Rippin, dropping them in to the Losers Bracket to fight against the likes of Final Boss and Instinct. After sending Final Boss home with their lowest placement ever, Triggers Down were eventually ousted by Instinct in the Losers Bracket Finals. Since then, Triggers Down and Instinct have seemingly traded two of their players, in which Instinct acquired Victory X and tD acquired Snipedown. We recently chatted with Triggers Down to talk about their performance in San Diego, and how they’re preparing for Orlando. Because Snipedown played for a different team in San Diego, he was not present for the interview.

MLG: Let’s start this off by talking about San Diego. You guys walked out of the event with an awesome finish, but do you feel you could’ve done better?

Hysteria: I think that with a bit more practice and a few changes to our strategies, we could have pulled a few more games in our favor.

FearItSelf: I think we all felt that we could have done much better in San Diego. Getting third is great and all, but getting so close to the Finals and coming up short isn’t a good feeling at all. It’s like a false sense of happiness. If we were to go back and change something, I think we would’ve practiced more. We practiced a decent amount, but we just weren’t on the same page on some game types. We definitely could have been a much tighter team.

MLG: I can see how that could be frustrating. You improved upon your placing in Meadowlands, but it has to be frustrating to come so close.

SK: Yeah, exactly.

MLG: So how are things coming along with Snipedown?

FearItSelf: I feel like we have even more potential now. Picking up someone that has skills that are on par with the best in the game can only take you to higher places. It’s just about how we gel as a team.

Hysteria: He seems to fit in with our playing style really well and is just a really sick player.

SK: The one thing that I really like about Snipedown is that he is out for revenge against his former team. Also, we have a lot more fun when we practice.

MLG: So would you say that he is adjusting better than Victory did?

SK: Yeah. He is more open to adapting to our playing style, rather than us having to change for him.

MLG: Are you feeling confident that you’ll be sticking with this roster? One person can answer this.

SK: Fear.

Hysteria: Fear.

FearItSelf: Wow. That’s how it’s gonna be huh?

Team: (laughs)

FearItSelf: Well, I feel that we have the potential to be the best in the game. We don’t have our teamwork completely down yet, but after our LAN with Final Boss we should have a better idea of where we stand. So I’m confident, but I know we have a lot to work on.

Triggers Down shows what true sportsmanship is all about.

MLG: So you’re LAN’ing with FB before Orlando? When is that going down?

FearItSelf: July 2-6

MLG: Where at, the Ogres’?

FearItSelf: Yes sir!

MLG: Awesome, we’ll touch on that again in a few. For now, I heard you scrimmaged with Instinct not long ago over Xbox Live How did that go?

SK: Let’s just say, they weren’t too happy after we were done.

Hysteria: Well, one player in particular anyways.

FearItSelf: The overall series was 5 games to 3, us having 5.The only reason I know that is because someone on the forums posted it. (laughs)

MLG: Well congrats. Let’s move on though. Even though they beat you, you guys played amazingly well against Str8 Rippin. Now that you’ve seen how they play, are you confident that you can take them down this time around?

FearItSelf: Yeah that series was pretty intense!

Hysteria: We always go into the tourneys feeling like we can beat everyone, and with our new lineup, I think we can prove it.

SK: Agreed.

FearItSelf: Yeah I’m really confident.

MLG: So with such little time before the next event, how have you been preparing?

FearItSelf: We try and play on XBL every night, even if it’s just for a little while. But we just got done talking with FB and we are going to be going to Ohio to LAN with them July 2-6.

MLG: So while we’re on the subject of Final Boss, how did it feel to send them home in San Diego? It had to have been a huge confidence boost.

FearItSelf: I will put any amount of money they will be in the Finals in Orlando.

MLG: Those are strong words there Fear!

FearItSelf: They really have never had more to prove in their Halo career than they do right now. That can only make them even better then in Orlando.

SK: It felt good, but I wish it had happened later in the tournament so we would have had more momentum against instinct and possibly Str8.

FearItSelf: After we beat, them It felt like we dodged a huge bullet. But it was only for top 6, so we had so much more playing to do. But it was a huge confidence boost nonetheless.

MLG: Do you get on and start up a custom… or what?

SK: We have been getting in lots of practice, and it’s not just playing together. We like to go into Theater and go over the games we play just to point out things we should and shouldn’t do.

FearItSelf: Either that or we usually all get on and start up a BR Arena or try to get a team of four to play against while we warm up.

Hysteria: Wow, you totally stole what I was going to say!

FearItSelf: Then stop choking Hysteria.

SK: (laughs)

MLG: Don’t worry about it Hysteria. Get in on this next one: Is there some specific part of your game that you’ve been working on the most?

FearItSelf: Guardian Ball! (laughs)

MLG: Wait, Guardian Ball? But I just watched a video of you dominating FB in Guardian Ball 250-69!

Hysteria: Yeah, but we changed a few things up. We’re also still trying to figure out what the heck to do on Construct TS.

MLG: Well, whatever you changed must be working! So how would you describe your confidence level going into the tournament since the addition of Snipedown?

Hysteria: I feel really good about this lineup, and we all have a new drive with the team changes that have gone on.

MLG: New motivations eh?

Hysteria: Yep.

FearItSelf: I personally feel we should not lose any game we play.

SK: I’m also really excited. I think we finally found a fourth who is dedicated and pumped to be on our team.

FearItSelf was happy to win.

MLG: Ok, final question. Is there anything you’re going to change for Orlando?

SK: Well for me, I’ll probably watch more VoD and study certain game types, but as a team i think we’ll be more of a unit instead of just four good players.

FearItSelf: I’m going to be more driven to win than I ever have. I feel like this team has too much potential not to succeed.

MLG: You guys seem like you’re on the brink of something amazing.

Hysteria: We need to make sure that none of us get flustered and start doing things individually. If we stay in the right mindset, I don’t see how we can lose.

MLG: That finishes it! Anything you guys would like to to add?

FearItSelf: Actually, yeah. I just want to say that I think Mackeo created another monster of a team just like last year.

SK: I’d like to thank all of the tD fans for the support they have shown us.

Hysteria: Shout out to Snipedown!