Here are the results of the fifth round of the New York Playoffs Halo 2 Open FFA. The top four players highlighted in bold have advanced to the next round. The players eliminated in this round have finished in the top 64.

All cases in which players had tied scores were broken by Kills, Deaths, and Assists (in that order). Congratulations to our competitors!

Player Name Score
xShook 50
Not Infamy 45
I FrOsty I 45
[AsK]LeGeNdPimPs 44
dfall 43
Master_Cheese1 35
profantiy x 32
TeK_Snyper 30
i Hulk i 50
GI FactoR 36
[_Scrub_] 35
Triple007 32
SuperSmiley 27
l BaTMaYnE l 25
LegendJRG 24
MudVayne 23
GuN Sh0t 50
Quixster 48
a Pure Gangster 48
FoSsiK 40
FiNaL Mirage 39
Omega FTW 38
So1dier 35
AsK x LlamA 31
RAYpe 50
TalenT 46
BigTimer13 45
Itwasluck 44
lx Ace xl 41
Gammage 40
ll Rob II 36
Dasteez 34
KillaZ 50
ProbleM 45
FearItSelf 43
Mack 42
Defy 40
Snake Bite 36
RuDY_ReBoRN 34
Knowledge 28
elamitewarrior 50
Z4cHmI0fF 46
GandyOwns 45
Unrivaled 44
Stunner 42
Bonfire 40
NoVABaller 35
eFf eH TeE eeE 34
SK_Halogod_v2 50
Donut 5SiX1 45
DrumMeR 40
Samurai 40
AnZieTy 40
LiL-Poison 40
Vash 36
Xenios 29
MimiC 46
SilverSon 45
Skillsx2 43
BlackHitman 42
KingOTown 40
Gripper1337 37
Infinity Z 35

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