The 2011 Halo: Reach National Championship at MLG Providence has come and gone, and the only story left to be told is of Instinct's utter and total dominance throughout the tournament. With such a dominant showing on record, the only question now is who exactly on the team played best. The stats are in, the VOD has been analyzed, and Pistola is your sixth and final 2011 Event MVP.

Ever since the Instinct we know today was forged in the aftermath of MLG Dallas, this Season has been full of endless banter among fans and players as to who specifically is the team's best player. After Roy took the squad's first two MVP awards,  Pistola will now close out the season with a prestigious title of his own. Not only did Providence mark Pistola's second National Championship, but his second National Championship in a row. With a k/d of positive 72 and a k/d ratio amounting to 1.39 (the highest of all Championship Bracket players), Instinct's near flawless run through the Winners Bracket and subsequent Championship Match wouldn't have been nearly as easy without Pistola tearing through the competition. 

Last season Pistola was voted by his peers as the season's overall best player. When this Season's STRIDE Pros' Choice Awards come out, will he make it two in a row?