Pete Parsons, studio manager for Bungie, sat down with EGM for an interesting interview over at Here is one sample from the interview. Not my favorite question, but I thought it was interesting:

EGM: Must have been a tough secret to keep, with as big of a team as you have here.

PP: Well, the team I never worry about. We put a lot of responsibility and a lot of trust in our team. Everybody here has worked hard just to get into the door — to even get an interview takes some work at Bungie. By the time you’re here and employed, breach of confidence isn’t one of the things we’re worried about. But we have this big open [office] space, and this is a building thousands of people have access to. We always try to keep it open during the day so we can look open and friendly, but at 6PM Fortress Bungie shuts down, and you can’t get in. Our infrastructure, our IT infrastructure is on its own sustained subnet. None of the builds ever left this facility, so that people who were coming in to help us, whether it was localization or other people on the outside, were coming in and sitting in our studio. So we had a real lockdown. It wasn’t because we’re dicks — it’s because we were worried about the story getting out.