Perfect Storm and Perfect Balance just finished an incredible series in Chicago. Thirteenth-seeded Perfect Balance have been on a dream run in the Windy City and took another step with a close victory over Perfect Storm in Losers Bracket Round 4.

The action started with Midship Bomb and immediately displayed a contrast in play styles that would mark the series. Balance played a non-stop, high pressure style, while Perfect Storm looked for opportunities to slow the pace and make coordinated team movements. Perfect Balance took control off the start with a strong rush, controlling pink for the opening minutes and keeping Storm pushed into their base. The high-pressure style led to two early bomb plants. While Storm managed to pull one back with a calculated takeover of the opposing base, Balance’s superior slaying power ultimately won the match. Smoltz led the charge with a 35 – 21 effort.

Next up was Sanctuary Slayer. Storm looked to have a better formation early, as Ramby guided the team’s tactics. Perfect Storm displayed a relatively new way to reach Ring 3, boosting off each other’s heads to reach the upper ledge (trick jumpers of the league, be sure to catch the maneuver on VoD for a new tactic). As the game wound down, the two teams found themselves deadlocked at 49 kills each. Each team holding a sniper, most in the venue thought it would be a snipers duel to close the match, with the other players keeping their heads out of sight. Not so. Balance noticed Soviet was hidden at Storm’s Bonfire and sent Mack with a sword to close out the match. The kill contributed to Mack’s 18 – 13 performance.

Down 2 – 0, Perfect Storm had their backs against the wall entering Lockout Ball. It was here that Perfect Storm started to shine. Clearly boasting loads of practice, Perfect Storm slowed the pace every time Balance set up control. Upon Ramby’s word, the team started their attack. While it often seemed as though the team was surrendering too much time while setting up their assault, Perfect Storm were always victorious in their charging efforts and soon regained any lost time. The effectiveness of their approach earned them a 5:00 – 3:44 victory.

In Game 4 of Warlock CTF, Perfect Storm continued the rally. The team eliminated all four of Perfect Balance’s players and quickly followed with a capture. Perfect Storm’s superior communication and awareness frequently gave their team first shot in firefights and resulted in an overwhelming slaying dominance. The stat sheet following their 5 – 1 victory revealed that each of Perfect Storm’s players had posted at least a +7 differential, with Ramby leading the way with a 27 – 12 showing (including an impressive running riot). All in all, Storm out-slayed Balance by 33.

In the final game, Team Slayer Midship, Perfect Balance managed to put a halt to Perfect Storm’s momentum. Balance captured pink early and led by as many as eight. While Perfect Storm would level the score late, Balance ultimately took the contest 50 – 47.

With the effort, Perfect Balance have reached the prize pool. In Losers Bracket Round 5, they will face Pain X for Top 6.


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