Gold Memberships are available in GameStop and Toys "R" Us locations throughout the country, but we know that a lot of our community is outside the US. We've been working hard to make Gold Memberships available online for you. We're happy to announce that, for a limited time, Gold Memberships will once more be available on our site.

Buy a Gold Membership Now! Once you've done that, get yourself an Arena PPV Pass and be all set for the Winter Season.

Some of you have been asking if we're phasing out Gold Memberships. We're not. A Gold Membership gets you HD, ad-free streams for all of our Championship Events for an entire year. That's an $80 value for $30. You also get a $5 discount on the Winter Arena for being a Gold Member.

If you're buying a Gold Membership now, you'll have missed out on the Arena discount codes we already sent out. Send us an email at and we'll get your code right out to you. We'll just need a copy of the receipt you get when you sign up for Gold.

There are also a bunch of other features included in Gold Membership that might or might not apply to you, like GameBattles Premium Access, discounts on spectator and competitor passes, and more. Regardless of how you intend to use it,  Gold Membership is the best value we currently offer.

As of now, there are no plans to create an all-inclusive year long package that includes Arenas. Why? We don't want to create a product and set a price for it based on this Arena, because we haven't fully determined how future Arenas will work or how they'll be priced.

Rest assured, if we do ever offer a package that includes everything, people with Gold Memberships will be offered a special upgrade option.

If you don't currently have a Gold Membership, get one now, because they won't be available online forever. We'll let you know in plenty of time when they're about to go offsale online.

Gold Membership Gets You:

  • $5 off a Winter Arena PPV Pass
  • $10 off Competitor Passes at Championship Events
  • $5 off Spectator Passes at Championships Events
  • Full Premium Access to Championship Events:
    • Ad-free HD
    • Access to additional gameplay streams
  • Get into the venue a half hour early during Championship Events
  • Discounts on MLG products and merch
  • 12 months of Premium GameBattles Access
    • Premium ladder support
    • Premium Avatar skin
    • Access to one Premium Online tournament per month
    • Access to the Members-only forum
    • Ability to save your match settings
    • First priority beta testing
    • Season prizing on Premium ladders
    • Premium trophies and badges
    • And many more features that we'll be rolling out soon

Buy a Gold Membership |  Buy an Arena PPV Pass