Team: Final Boss – Ogre 1, Saiyan, Walshy

Favorite Teammates: Ogre 1, Saiyan, Walshy, Strangepurple, Clockwork, KillerN

Primary Rivals: Zyos, Tsquared

Key Moment(s): There are too many good memories to just pick one. ; )

Likes: Soccer, my family, my team.

Dislikes: School, cold weather, the s-type controller.

Quote: “I’m THEtom”

Origin of Handle: My brother and I just wanted something people would remember, which is why we did OGRE 1 and OGRE 2 (with us being twins, it sticks in people’s heads).


  • The most consistently high-ranked Halo 2 player in the MLG circuit.
  • Ogre 2 and his twin brother, Ogre 1, form the best and most feared Halo duo of all-time. They have never been defeated in 2v2 tournament play in either Halo: CE or Halo 2.
  • As part of varying StK and Team Domination lineups, Ogre 2 ruled Halo: CE during MLG’s inaugural 2004 season, winning most of the events and then the 4v4 National Championships.
  • In the 2005 season as part of Team 3D, Ogre 2, Ogre 1, Saiyan and Walshy have won first place in 8 of the 9 events they attended.
  • Team 3D won all three of the MLG Conference Titles during the 2005 season.
  • Along with twin brother Ogre 1, many (including other pros) consider him to be the best player in the game.
  • Has always teamed with his twin, and their all-time team record is completely unmatched in Halo history.
  • Ogre 2’s team (formerly called StK) appeared in BPM Culture and has been featured in many different media outlets.
  • Took second place in the 2004 National Championships for the Halo: CE FFA.