The Boost Mobile MVP award honored the best player from each of the first five stops on the Pro Circuit this season. Individual statistical performance combined with a consideration for a player’s overall contribution to his team’s play served as the determining factors in handing out the award at each tournament. Here were the nominees from each of our regular-season stops this season:

Charlotte – OGRE 2

Meadowlands – Legit

Dallas – Karma

Chicago – Poweezy

Orlando – Neighbor and Elamite Warrior

This trophy could be a real conversation piece on the mantle of any of the nominees

All season we saw players step up and demonstrate a level of Halo play we have never seen before. To award the season-long MVP, each of these players would be viewed in light of their overall season performance. Important statistics, such as overall positive ratio, overall kill/death ratio in finals matches, team performance, team performance in the later rounds of the tournament, etc., all contributed to handing out this honor. Other intangible things, such as how clutch a player was tournament after tournament, what the player means to his team and any other elements the player contributed to his team, were taken in to consideration.

After dominating the National Championships without losing a single game, Final Boss sealed their place in the history books as the greatest Halo 2 team ever. Fittingly, OGRE 2, the best team’s best player, took the Boost Mobile MVP award. His outstanding statistical performances in every tournament this year may only be outweighed by his intelligence, awareness and clutch plays, the non-quantitative elements that make the great players great.

Ogre 2 snagged the well-deserved honor as the season’s best overall player

The season could not have come to a more appropriate ending. In both 2005 and 2006, MLG’s professional players awarded OGRE 2 the highest honor they can hand out by voting him “The Best Overall Player.” 2007 was no different. Tournament after tournament, Final Boss stayed at the top. While all members of the team are feared and respected as the best, OGRE 2 sits atop the Halo 2 mountain. Congratulations to OGRE 2 for winning the Boost Mobile 2007 MVP award and to his team, Final Boss, for crushing the competition as the MLG National Championships.