Halo professionals Ogre 2 and Walshy answer questions about Halo 3 weapons and controller settings:

MLG: With the adjusted damage and speed in MLG’s Halo 3 Settings Version 2, do you prefer the Carbine or BR?

Walshy and teammate Ogre 2 talked about weapons and controller settings in Halo 3

Walshy: I really haven’t tested out the carbine.

Ogre 2: BR is so much easier to get that last headshot because you can spray it.

Walshy (to Ogre 2): Yeah, but let’s say you had a choice between one or the other for competitive settings? Everyone’s just used to having the BR, but who knows? The carbine could turn out to be amazing.

Ogre 2: It would be harder to get that headshot then.

Walshy: It would be harder to shoot in general.

MLG: Have you found the changes in player speed and shield regeneration significant?

Ogre 2: The damage definitely changes a lot. The speed and regen haven’t changed it that much.

Walshy: I don’t really notice the regen or the speed that much.

Ogre 2: The damage, we just played it on LAN, it’s pretty significant.

MLG: So will that change how you play the game?

Ogre 2: Definitely, it seems more like Halo 2 than Halo 1.

MLG: What do you guys think about the controllers moving from the Xbox to the 360?

Ogre 2: We both lowered our sensitivity, so did my brother. StrongSide kept his the same, but he’s a freak of nature.

MLG: What are your sensitivities now?

Ogre 2: My brother and I were both five in Halo 1 and Halo 2 and we’ve dropped down to four. Walshy was a four and dropped down to three?

Walshy: No, I’m still at four.

Ogre 2: I think it’s the controllers. I think the joysticks on the 360s are quicker, like they are looser. I don’t think it’s the sensitivity that makes it quicker, it’s the joystick, so it’s harder to steady.

MLG: Walshy, you’ve switched to bumper jumper, Ogre 2 you are default. Right?

Walshy: Yeah, I’m not sure why I did it either. My main reason for doing it was that I just felt the right and left bumper weren’t being used as much as they could and they are in such nice locations. So if I could get used to something useful being here that would be advantageous and now I’m pretty comfortable. I don’t see it as being a game changer where you have to use it to compete.

Ogre 2: I’m not using it now and I’m doing plenty fine.

MLG: What tips would you give for sniping with the new human rifle?

Ogre 2: Well, with the upped damage you just want to go for body shots. If you hit him once and your teammate hits him in the body with a BR he dies anyway. You don’t want to go for BR switches; that’s really risky. If you hit him with your first shot you can switch and get off a headshot before he dies but the time between switching [the time it takes to shoot after switching weapons] is a lot longer. That’s the deal with the sword also.

It’s not so much that it’s harder to snipe, but the hit box is just weird. For headshots you have to aim at their forehead. You can get a headshot if you aim right here (points to above his head).

Walshy: Do you think that was to adjust for the helmet sizes [the different helmet permuations]?

Ogre 2: You have to aim a little bit higher than you think. You have to aim a little higher than in Halo 1 or Halo 2.

MLG: Thanks for the tips on weapons and controller settings, guys.