Browser-Based, Free-to-Play Game Adds Instant Accessibility to Exploding eSports Trend


NEW YORK, and BELLEVUE, Wash. – Feb. 27, 2013Major League Gaming (MLG), the world’s largest e-Sports league, welcomes U4iA Games’ highly irreverent, multiplayer shooter, Offensive Combat, to its high-traffic video game competition site,  In a new partnership between U4iA Games and Major League Gaming, more than 8 million registered players can now compete online on MLG’s unmatched eSports platform in the world’s most popular browser-based multiplayer shooter.  With the deepest integration into the GameBattles competition site to date, Offensive Combat lets competitive gamers battle it out right in their web browser with no need for additional hardware or software. MLG targets the tens of millions of consumers worldwide who have a passion for playing video games as a competitive and social activity, and with more than 300% growth in live online viewers during the 2012 Pro Circuit drawing more than 11.7 million unique online viewers over the four Pro Circuit Championship weekends, eSports is poised for continued explosive growth in 2013 with high quality, freely accessible games like Offensive Combat.

Starting today, players can log in or create an MLG account at, then access Offensive Combat on GameBattles ( to go head-to-head with their own fully customizable characters and tricked-out arsenal in a growing list of high energy, multi-genre, FPS arenas.  MLG and U4iA Games have also integrated their platforms to give players access to exclusive online tournaments, leader rankings, matchmaking, and team building. The game also will be included in upcoming global MLG broadcast programming featuring popular commentators and a complete schedule will soon be available online.

“We expect Offensive Combat’s gameplay to deliver a great experience for our players,” says Sundance DiGiovanni, CEO and co-founder of Major League Gaming. “The game’s browser-based accessibility, eSports-tuned gameplay, and irreverent take on traditional FPS themes make for an entertaining, competitive shooter title.”

“The eSports phenomenon is one of the fastest growing trends in video games and Offensive Combat is proof that a riveting, high-quality first-person shooter is not only technically possible in a web browser, but offers gamers a free, frictionless way to quickly gear up and compete against ALL their friends,” explains U4iA Games CEO and Co-Founder Dusty Welch. “Our team is full of competitive gamers and we’re looking forward to helping MLG impact the future of gaming.”

Competitive gamers and FPS fans from across the web can challenge the best players in the world beginning today at

Offensive Combat, which already boasts more than 1 million active users via Facebook App Center and, offers gamers slick, fast, eSports-tuned competition in any PC or Mac web browser. Players can mix and match elements from 35 video game archetypes including modern soldiers, future soldiers, robots, geckos, and pirates, plus gamer culture inspired versions of Steampunk, and Limecat, among many others. A robust skill tree and deep weapon customization system, which includes an exclusive “spin to win” feature, means players can modify arsenals in thousands of ways. A growing list of multiplayer gametypes and ten playable maps are available now, with new content being added regularly. More than 30 Pwn moves (and growing), including My Lil’ Pwny, Green Tea Bag, Armpit Fart, and Peanut Butter Jelly Time!, let players display their dominance over the competition — just don’t get caught by the Pwnus Interruptus!



About U4iA Games

Based in Bellevue, Washington, U4iA Games (pronounced “euphoria”) is a new independent games startup founded by Dusty Welch (CEO) and Chris Archer (CCO), industry veterans with former executive and franchise-building roles at Activision, Call of Duty, Treyarch and Sony, among others. Archer and Welch established the company with the goal of bringing triple-A, console-quality core gaming experiences to web browsers and mobile devices. For more information, visit


About Major League Gaming

Major League Gaming (MLG) ( is the world’s largest eSports organization with millions of live viewers, fans and competitors around the globe. MLG enables gamers to compete, improve their skills, and socialize via the largest online destination for competitive console and PC gaming featuring more than 8 million registered gamers, and the annual MLG Pro Circuit featuring live, in-person tournaments in cities nationwide. MLG broadcasts competitive play, analysis and more via online streaming to hundreds of thousands of fans in an average of more than 170 countries.


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