MLG Anaheim had far too much StarCraft 2 action going on at once to ever be able to show it all—even with two streams running for three days. That doesn't mean we're just going to let those matches be lost to the mists of history, though. To fill in the gaps and bring you as much of the tournament as we can, we reached out to some of the community's best casters, and asked them to provide commentary for a variety of matches. From Pool Play to the Open Bracket, we'll be bringing you as many incredible games as we can. 

In this, the first installment of the series, Adebisi brings us Slush vs Select, from Champ Losers Round 4, and Ganzi vs Ret, from Champ Losers Round 6. Stay tuned as we bring you more and more matches, featuring commentary by Axeltoss, Nerski, Duckvillelol and a host of others.