Mew2King was one of Major League Gaming’s marquee Smashers during the 2006 Pro Circuit, and has only improved since. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl’s debut tournament in Orlando, Mew2King put on a flawless performance, taking top honors in both the singles and doubles competition. We sat down with Mew2King to discuss his performance, his thoughts on his rival and doubles partner Ally, and what he expects out of MLG’s next stop in Columbus.

MLG: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. You were one of the top contenders on the Melee circuit, and your game appears to have only gotten better. What have you been up to since we last saw you at MLG Vegas 2006?

Mew2King: I became the best in the world in Melee only a few months after the 2006 MLG Season ended. Unfortunately, I never got to use the skills to my fullest extent because of the lack of big tournaments for the game. In 2008 and 2009 I was arguably the best at Brawl, and now in 2010 I am probably tied at being the best at Brawl alongside Ally.

I currently live with my best friend Jesse Werner (Vidjogamer) in Ohio. Eventually I plan to make video games with him. I enjoy playing Smash a lot; it’s my job and a fun hobby.

MLG: Who were some of the top players you beat after becoming the best at Melee? Did you face Ken or Azen in any tournaments after MLG ended?

Mew2King: I beat Ken near the end of 2006 in a best-of-five MLG set with Fox. I’m approximately 10 – 1 against Azen in tournament sets. I beat PC Chris and Chu Dat many times in 2007.

MLG: Impressive feats. Well, you haven’t lost any momentum since then. Congratulations on your first MLG Brawl championship title. What were your expectations going into Orlando?

Mew2King: I was just going to try and destroy everyone. That was my mindset: try to destroy everyone.

MLG: Were you expecting to win? And what sort of practice did you put in?

Mew2King: I was expecting to win as long as I avoided a really good Diddy. I avoided ADHD luckily, and managed to beat Dekar too. I played a few hours a day for two weeks before the tourney. I practiced with bananas and against computers.

Mew2King took home the crown in Orlando with a thrilling performance.

MLG: What makes Diddy Kong a particularly challenging character for your Meta Knight?

Mew2King: I wasn’t good with bananas. I am better with them now. Still, I am comparatively better at every other matchup compared to Diddy. I think Diddy has the advantage if he’s played perfectly.

MLG: In the MLG Live Blog surveys during Orlando, you were always an named as an underdog to win the event. Why do you think that was?

Mew2King: Ally beat me in a recent tournament, and I suck against ADHD’s Diddy Kong. I practiced, beat Ally, and avoided ADHD. That was good for me.

Ally and I are generally more or less about 50-50. We have tons and tons of games that are last stock over 100%, and beat each other a lot. It usually depends either who is playing better that game, who is more in practice at the time, and a little bit of luck.

MLG: You mentioned in an earlier interview that you originally played DeDeDe. If you were to run into a tough opponent like ADHD in Columbus, is there any situation where you would consider switching characters?

Mew2King: I only practice Meta Knight, so I would use Meta Knight.

MLG: Well, you and Ally were clearly at the top of the pack, both in singles and doubles. What do you think about him as a competitor? How does his playstyle differ from yours? What are the keys to beating him?

Mew2King: He’s extremely smart. I’m more aggressive than him generally, but I have to camp against him a lot in order to beat him in singles. He’s more of a counter-attack player, and his reaction time is better. I’m not saying anything that would regard to making beating him easier, because that would be unfair. There is no easy way anyway, period.

MLG: Do you plan to continue teaming with him?

Mew2King: Of course.

MLG: Are there any players or teams that you think can rival you and Ally in doubles?

Mew2King: No, not if we are playing well.

MLG: In Melee you were known as a player who would study and master all elements of the game (e.g. Mew2King angles). What are your biggest strengths as a Brawl player? What is something you do better than any other player on the circuit?

Mew2King: I don’t know, I guess just a little bit of everything. It’s not any one thing. I cannot answer that question well.

MLG: Fair enough. One of the biggest aspects of the MLG Melee tournaments was the heated East vs. West rivalries. Is geography as big of a factor in Brawl, or are the regional rivalries less prominent? And where do you fit into all of this being a Midwest player?

Mew2King: Personally, I don’t care about those coast wars. I just hope my friends do well. I also rarely even cheer in matches. I just watch quietly all the time. I am both Midwest and East Coast, but honestly I do not care about that ridiculous stuff.

MLG: Another era comparison question: While the Halo ranks are still populated with dozens of Halo 1 and 2 pros, the old Melee guard doesn’t seem to be as prevalent. There were only a few Melee pros in Orlando (you, Chu, DSF, and a couple others). Why do you think you were able to make the transition better than your peers?

Mew2King: It’s simple: the Melee pros don’t like the game; well, most of them. I don’t know why, but I just play and enjoy both. Mango would be amazingly good at Brawl if he wanted to be, I will tell you that right now.

MLG: What are your thoughts on the upcoming event in Columbus?

Mew2King: I’m not planning on practicing nearly as much for Columbus, but that might change depending on how I feel. I was going to concentrate on college stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ally take Columbus. I was playing really well in Orlando, and I don’t know how much better I can play than that.

I might practice more if I can get some people out here to visit. I am bored of playing alone.

MLG: Well thank you very much for your time Mew2King. Congratulations once again and best of luck in Columbus!