by Patrick O'Neill (Chobopeon)

Lim Jae Duk (Nestea) is called the God of Zerg. Today, MLG is putting that name to the test.

Nestea's first match of the day was the semifinals of the MLG Global Invitational in which he beat Greg Fields (Idra), the greatest American Zerg of all time, 2-1 in a hotly contested match.

Next, the Korean giant faced Johan Lucchese (Naniwa), the Swedish Protoss who had just beaten Nestea's  teammate, Mvp. In a wild series that had the crowd on its feet, Naniwa defeated Nestea 2-1 and took home the trophy and prize money that came with the big victory.

"Coming off the long flight, I felt fatigued and sick," said Nestea. "I know I could have won those games. I'm looking for revenge."

In the National Championship Open Bracket, Nestea has more and more Zerg challengers to face down. In the first four rounds, he's already faced three Zergs and a random player. Moving forward, he will likely play at least one more Zerg immediately following that.

Nestea's 2-0 victory over GosuVibe was well-contested from Vibe. Earlier today, Vibe spoke to the confidence he felt in ZvZ, saying he could compete with even the best Koreans. Compete though he did, Nestea's superior level was clear as his Roach-centric play won out.

"I fear no Zerg," said Nestea following the victory. "However, the Zergs I respect most are Dimaga, Stephano and Idra."

No one can disagree with that list of world class Zergs. What's notable, of course, is that they are three non-Korean Zergs. Nestea's show of respect speaks volumes about the strides international players are making inside and outside of the game.

"I feel fatigued," concluded Nestea. "I simply want to finish my match, go to sleep and come back tomorrow hopefully feeling better. I just want revenge."