Hi everyone!! Here’s my first Neighbor Question Blog. I thank everyone from the MLG community on making this possible! Well here we Van Gogh!

Submitted by Desimate
What’s going on with you and FB? I kind of feel some tension that you aren’t working out on Final Boss, I kind of get this attitude that you just “give up” Sometimes, but what do i know. What’s Final Bosses plans for improvement in future tournaments, example, Vegas. Thanks Neighbor

Answer: We don’t give up. I feel that as a team we all think we could be playing better. We will be LAN’ing twice before Vegas and we will also practice hard everyday before Vegas. I promise to all of our fans that for me to improve my game I will play no less than 60 games a day.

Submitted by Kutlatna
What do you think is your number 1 weakness or problem, as a team, and what are you guys doing or what are you going to do to fix it if there is any major one weakness.

Answer: I think our number 1 weakness as a team is letting other teams set the pace of the game. We need to be the team that sets the tone at the beginning of the game to the end. This is an easy fix, we have to make sure we have everything we need to do down pat so we can execute better.

Submitted by Holy_Schnykees
What is your favorite Cereal?

Answer: Definitely Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Submitted by the_don_to_you

1. Are you still happy with the move you made to FB, considering FB and str8 recent results? 2. Is it annoying not getting as much hype as you used to? (snipedown etc) 3. I’ve been watching your POV it seems you are playing differently under FB (like sometimes you don’t go for sniper straight away), is this your personal choice or constraints placed by the team? 4. I know it seems like an obvious question but would you guys like a bit more support from the community/crowd, the way I see it at the moment is you guys are getting a lot of s**t from people but your taking the approach “what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”

Answer: 1. I am still happy with the move to FB, obviously I am disappointed that we’ve finished 3rd the last two tournaments but I am very motivated to win Vegas. 2. No it is not annoying to get as much hype as I used to. There will always be new flashy players that join the circuit that everyone loves watching. I just need to keep playing my game and work hard. 3. On str8 I knew exactly what everyone was doing at all times and what I needed to do. On FB I feel like I’m still adjusting to everyone’s play style and I’m confident we will be ready for Vegas. 4. Like you said we obviously want the crowds support and at Dallas we had lots of supporters which was very nice, But for me the people that hate against me or the team motivates me that much more to practice and become the best player possible.

Submitted by Schockum
How does FB feel about stepping into Vegas?

Answer: We know were the underdogs, so we have to practice harder than the top teams.

Submitted by Omg_Falco_Owns
1. How do you remain so consistent? I was watching your practice routine during Orlando, but I was wondering if that’s all you do to stay sharp. 2. What are you going to do in order to shut down Snipedown and his annoying bandwagon? 3. What changes (if any) would you like to see implemented into the current MLG game settings?

Answer: 1. it’s all about practice. When I’m at home playing on live I try 100 % all the time. You have to give it your all If you don’t you create bad habbits. 2. Snipedown is just a piece of a difficult puzzle. 3. I would love to see more weapons on the map like a plasma rifle or sword. I think it would make it more competitive and there would be more interesting play.

Submitted by micheal3000
Why do pro players have no respect for European players?

Answer:We have respect for them I just think for them to call themselves the best they have to prove it. And for the European teams that have come to play in MLG’s none of them have placed anywhere near the top 8.

Submitted by louash2
First question i would have is what do you have to say in response to what people are saying about your personal performance in Dallas. Second question would be are you guys doing anything different preparing for Vegas that you haven’t been doing for the past two events? Third question: a lot of people have been suggesting that the ogres playstyle has been holding back and limiting the play of yourself and strongside, do you feel this is true?

Answer: 1. I don’t care about what people say about how I played. I know how I did and what I need to work on. 2. We will be lanning with two teams and I think this will help us adapt to different play styles and situations. 3. I do not feel this at all. I feel with more practice we will be able to work on things that will help prepare us to win Vegas.

ubmitted by Hydro209
Are you considering switching to Astros because during tournaments I’ve been to, FB seems to yell a lot louder which is more distracting than just saying a callout into a mic? Also, what is FB going to do for their objective games since Slaying is a stronger game for you? I hope you guys can get a good practice in before Vegas and Win. Good Luck

Answer: Yes we should look into using Astros. When I was on str8 I was against using them because we thought we played better when everyone was yelling and getting pumped up, But after Dallas I actually lost my voice which is the first time that’s ever happened so yes I think it will make communication much easier for us. For our Objective games we just have to be on the same page, make sure we all know what were doing and we have to limit our mistakes.

Submitted by _electric
Do you still eat Sour Patch kids before the tournament?

Answer: Yes, it makes my game sweet.

Submitted by Tommy1005
Are you still happy with your move to Final Boss? ( I know you will say yes, if you don’t it will cause so much drama, but give me a sign, maybe like a mistype or something in your answer which signifies you are kicking yourself in the ass for ditching your friends, leaving a dominant team in 08, and worst of all, betraying elamite, i cant believe you begged him to stay on Str8 so you could take his spot on FB.. Thats 100% douche, I don’t care if it was for a million dollars) After Final Boss places 5th(or 4th) at Vegas, will you guys completely break up? Or do you plan on staying together after this season, even if things end badly…?

Answer: 1. Yes I am. 2. Well if we take 4th or 5th like you think, we would ask you to join us next year as our new team motivator, we would fly you to our lans have you put on one of your dresses and sit there so you could inspire us to get better.

Submitted by TroubledSocitey
How hard of a change was needed to switch from Str8 Rippin and team with Final Boss? And as a follow up. What changes exactly did you have to make in order for this New Final Boss team to be successful against these skilled top seeded team?

Answer: 1. The only thing that was difficult about switching from the two teams was getting used to their play styles. 2. I haven’t really changed anything about how I play, like I said it’s all about being on the same page as one another, that’s one of the keys to winning.

Submitted by NotMonarch
What are some of your favorite games, for any console? What’s your favorite gametype? What’s your favorite map?

Answer: 1. My favorite game ever is Halo 2. I could play it all day. 2. My favorite gametype is Pit King of the Hill. 4. My favorite map is Amplified.

Submitted by l_homicidal_l
Are you ever disappointed if you don’t place first?

Answer: Always

Submitted by aarmero
What’s your secret?

Answer: Victoria

Submitted by T3st1fy
Grifindor or Slytherin? (keep in mind that the Dark Lord doesn’t exactly think of Griffindor highly…)

Answer: Slytherin

Submitted by Effed
1. Why won’t you accept my FR? I mean for realz dude… 2. What other stuff do you like to do outside of Halo? 3. What countries have you been to, and which ones would you like to visit, or even compete in. 4. What would your “dream sponsor” be?

Answer: 1. I would love to accept everyone’s friend request but I am limited to 100 spots just like everyone else. 2. I love running, working out, hanging out with friends, playing sports, there are very few things I don’t like doing. 3. I’ve been to Canada and Mexico. I would love to Visit all parts of Europe. 4. My dream sponsor would be a concoction with Gilbert Arenas, Dr. Pepper, Red Bull, Hugh Hefner, and Megan fox.

Submitted by R_a_w_K
What is the key to a good Br?

Answer: Confidence. You can’t be scared going into a battle you have to the mindset that you’re unstoppable.

Submitted by DizzieTalk
Would you support MLG spreading to Europe/UK?

Answer: I would definitely support anything that would help MLG grow bigger; this would be awesome if it happened.

Submitted by ASoberIrishMan
1. When watching a player have you ever seen something that’s made you go “damn, I don’t think I could pull that off”? If so who and what? 2. Along the same lines, if you had a heart attack and could take any player to take your spot in Vegas, who would it be? 3. Do you think that you are better at Halo 2 or 3, and what game changes account for the variance? 4. Who is the hottest player in the top 16? On and I doubt you can give a straight answer note, who would you consider the overall weakest individual player on your team excluding yourself?

Answer: 1. No I don’t say that, there are plays were I’ll say “damn that was sick” But never do I think I can’t pull anything off. 2. If anything happened to permit me from going to Vegas, I would want Perplexity to take my spot. He is the Most underrated player in the game and I guarantee you he stays focused he will be one of the sickest players to touch halo 3. 3. This is a tough question; I would say Halo 3 because my play style has transitioned very nicely from halo 2 to halo 3. 4. Perplexity. Like I said he will be the next great one. 5. The weakest individual player on our team excluding myself would have to be Jt Bravo. He needs to eat more protein.

Submitted by Dj88mph
1. How long do you see yourself playing Halo professionally for?

Answer: 1. Once I feel I need to move on then I will.

Submitted by .Rand0m
What is going to be the first thing you do if you end up winning Vegas?

Answer: I’d call my parents.

Submitted by Lentzy
Who is the better Sniper You, Hysteria, or snipedown?

Answer: I believe that I am the best sniper. If I were to choose between hysteria and snipedown I would say Hysteria.

Submitted by Mwilson1
What do you eat for breakfast?

Answer: Halo players!!!!! Jk. I love eating anything my mom cooks me.

Submitted by HellShy
1. What’s your favorite Ice cream? 2. How do you get over a really bad game? For instance: Going -10 and not hill time. (just an ex.)

Answer: 1. Half Baked Ben and Jerrys: D 2. Compare it to other players when they play that game type and find what works for them and try to incorporate it into your game.

Submitted by Bojaby
Neighbor what is your golf handicap? I see you talk about golf alot. Im a 7 my course is a par 70.

Answer: In my prime in High school I was a scratch. I haven’t played in awhile but I’m pretty confident I could break 80.

Submitted by IareBodyLotion
What do you feel your pros and cons are as a halo player?

Answer: I have many pros but the con I need to work on is my mental game. I hate losing and while I’ve been on FB I get down on myself after we lose. When I was on str8 Tom was the one to say don’t worry about it move on and I would. And my team has done that I just haven’t really listened to them, so this is one thing I will work very hard on before Vegas.

Submitted by mikec18

1. What maps or gametypes would you like to see in v6? 2. What would you want to do if you weren’t a professional gamer? 3. What kind of music do you listen to?

Answer: 1. It would be awesome if Iso. king was added back to the gametypes I really enjoyed that game. 2. I would want to be a movie star! 3. I listen to everything; But before I play halo I like to listen to music that pumps me up such as Lil Wayne, T.I. or my main man GUCCI MANE!!!!

Submitted by YOUR.BFF
1. Do you think you are as good as everyone makes you out to be and do you think that being arrogant in that manner is key to being a good H3 player? 2. I didn’t hear you communicating that much in Dallas and I was wondering if you weren’t into it or if the VoD was just catching you at bad times. 3. Do you think Pokemon Snap has a chance for MLG 09?

Answer: 1. A lot of people have different opinions about me as long I stay positive I will be the best player I can be. 2. Bad times 3. Unfortunately no but I think they should highly consider it.

Submitted by V4LOR
1. What has been your favorite event of your pro career? 2. Who has been your favorite teammate? 3. Halo CE, Halo 2, or Halo 3?

Answer: 1. Orlando 2007 2. I’ve had many great teammates but besides the team I’m on I loved teaming with Sk Halogod V2, Toxin, Detach, Legit, Elamite, and T2. 3. Halo 2

Submitted by imtdedtn

How does it fell to get beat by your ex teammates twice in a row….just wondering

Answer: If we don’t win I’m cheering for them.

Submitted by MathWizardPimp
1. Anyways…my question is who do you think is the best Halo 3 Pro out there right now, and you can’t pick yourself (try not to be biased =P (i.e.: picking another member of FB or someone off Str8, unless you really believe that)

Answer: The US champion.

Submitted by OloodO
Why is it that I rarely hear pros complain about the inconsistencies and flaws of Halo 3?

Answer: Most of the people that complain haven’t played the game on at all or not enough.

Submitted by B_2the_asik
1. What characteristic of players do you think is the most important to being successful in mlg? 2. And what are some basic things people can do to be more sneaky and to be a team player?

Answer: 1. To be the most successful in MLG you have to have the skill and be Marketable. 2. To be sneakier, think to yourself what the opponent is thinking you’ll do and do the opposite

Submitted by Whistlerman Q
Where in Washington do you live?

Answer: I live 2 hours south of you called Mukilteo.

Submitted by nipa2011
Have you and T2 worked some things out and becoming friends again?

Answer: No we have not.

Submitted by BackPacked
1. What controller settings do you use? Everyone keeps telling me different things. 2. Who do you guys plan to LAN with for Vegas? I’m REALLY hoping you guys win. 3. What college do you plan to go to? I saw that one of the reasons you joined FB was to get you started in college. 4. Can you post more gameplays in your fileshare? 5. Can you add me on XBL? Lmao or at least play a custom with me? I’ve always wanted to play with you 6. Oh and the last and most important question: ALBA or SIMPSON?

Answer: 1. 3 sens Default no vibe. 2. Instinct Legendz 3. Yes I Will 4. Catch me on a good day 5. Alba easy

Submitted by billmoney
Yea I’ve got one…how come Final Boss hasn’t won an event yet Since you’ve been on the team?

Answer: Good question

Submitted by XEnc0re
Why do you send a “<3″ to people after you ***** on them in the playlist?

Answer: To show them I still love them.

Submitted by gangasta93939
If suddenly the sour patch kids factory burnt down what snack food would you want?

Answer: Well if this were to happen it would be a tragic day for America but I would buy gummy bears and lemons, I would squeeze the lemon juice onto the gummy bears, dip them in sugar, and then eat them: D

Submitted by Magnum6
1. If you played snipedown 1v1 what would the final score be? 2. Who would be you’re biggest challenge in a 1v1

Answer: 1. I don’t know what the score would be but I would try to 15-0 him just like everyone else I play. 2. Elamite

Submitted by INovak
Neighbor: Do you think it’s funny how people make accounts like F8 Neighbor or FB Neighbour and other pozer accounts pretending to be you, and have you ever played against someone pretending to be you? If so, how badly did you **** on him/her?

Answer: I don’t really find it funny its more flattering to have someone want to be like you. I have not played against him but I’ve watched one of their gameplays and unfortunately my posers aren’t that good.

Submitted by TenkTenks
Do you remember the time I beat you 1v1 split-screen on lockout at bryce’s house?

Answer: Rematch

Submitted by TheDemonSparda
1. Do you think Ogre 1 is playing as a really active leader, or not, I felt as if he could have done better? 2. When I watched the guardian TS game at Dallas between you and Str8 I noticed that you guys seemed to be playing Halo 2. The style was too passive, and I felt it held back your whole team, because like I said, FB has amazing talent, but I don’t feel your performing to your max as a team, and this may be due to strat. Did you guys notice this, and are you changing your strats up for vagas? 3. What games do you play other than H3? 4. Which of the halo games do you like the most? 5. I have noticed since you joined FB, you seem to be taking Strongsides former place on the team, now he plays more like a support slayer and is greatly under performing due to this. What do you feel about this, you and SS have similar play styles, now that you fill his place do you think he isn’t performing to his max potential? 6. I you could add any gametype/map what would it be? 7. and finally Liberal or Conservative?

Answer: 1. Ogre 1 is a great leader: D 2. There was nothing we could’ve done against str8. They had snipe set up and the only way we could of one is if we got the camos, which we did not do. 3. Super smash brothers, NCAA, MADDEN, and Tiger woods. 4. Halo 2 5. I think everyone has different play styles; no one has roles people some people are just better at things, I think with everyone practicing will be on top of our game at Vegas.

Submitted by Emmeline
1. Are you on good terms with the current members of Str8? 2. If and when your Halo career ends, what do you see yourself doing as your next job? 3. Who is your favorite Halo 3 pro to watch outside of Final Boss? 4. Where do you buy your clothes from? 5. If you could change your names (both Mason & Neighbor) to anything, what would they be?

Answer: 1. I am on good terms with Elamite and Legit. 2. When my halo career ends I hope I have found something in college that I am passionate about. 3. Legit 4. I Love buying clothes from places I travel to. 5. If I could change my name I think Jason would be nice. And For my gamertag I would want something catchy like brick house or hay stack something like that.

Submitted by TuffGong420
1. Four babies vs. FB who REALLY wins?

Answer: Depends, if you’re referring to the babies Walshy talks about then I got to go with the babies. Those babies must be pretty damn good. I wanna meet them.

Submitted by Gun Tamed
1. McDonalds or burger king? 2. Michael Phelps or Lebron James?

Answer: 1. Subway 2. Gilbert?

Submitted by Nyog113
Have you ever hear of Team FeaR?

Answer: No

Submitted by FreshKilla69
What kind of car do you drive?

Answer: Bmw M3

Submitted by Lxmagicmanxl
Why is your picture a giraffe?

Answer: I love them

Submitted by Choke_Mee
What did you do up until you became a pro etc…

Answer: I was just a high school kid that played sports and lived a normal life.

Submitted by Towey
1. After eating, do amphibians have to wait one hour before getting out of the water? 2. Are there a lot of virgins in the Virgin Islands? 3. Before they invented drawing boards, what did they go back to? 4. Day light savings time – why are they saving it and where do they keep it? 5. Do clowns wear really big socks? 6. What happened to the first 6 UP’s? 7. What does Geronimo say when he jumps out of a plane? 8. What do you say if you’re talking to God, and he sneezes? 9. What do people in China call their good plates? 10. Why are raisins called raisins if they are only dried grapes? Why not just call them dried grapes? 11. How much can I get away with and still go to heaven? 12. If 7-11 is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, why are there locks on the doors? 13. If a fly has no wings would you call him a walk? 14. If a hen and a half can lay an egg and a half in a day and a half, how long would it take a monkey with a wooden leg to kick the seeds out of a dill pickle? 15. Why can’t we tickle ourselves? 16. If an orange is orange, why isn’t a lime called a green, and a lemon called a yellow?

Answer: 1. Good question 2. No 3. Charades 4. it’s for the vampires 5. No 6. Hmm they went into the 7th? 7. Ominoreg 8. Bless you 9. Yum yum 10. de ja vu 11. very good question 12. The Government 13. Yes 14. Pass 15. Its possible 16. Lime is Latin for green And Lemon is Zimbabwe for Yellow

Submitted by Foxxxxxx
What are you going to be for Halloween?

Answer: Ironman

Submitted by InfamousSmoky
1. Can you get girls by telling them you are a pro player? 2. Why do you look so miserable when you play? Do you hate your team?

Answer: 1. Yes. 2. Idk, and no I don’t hate my team.

Submitted by Cactoos

Hey neighbor, been a big fan for awhile and I was wondering… What do you get if you spell neighbor with your nose?

Answer: Hje39tyyhgo5r

Submitted by prs_fan
Do you ever miss hanging out with Tom, Bryan, and Kyle? I mean you were with them a long time and it seems you left so suddenly.

Answer: Of course, they have been a big part of my halo career and they are good people, but I am happy with what I got going right now.

Submitted by l numbnuts

1. Were you really making sarcastic statements about Snipedown at Dallas on the main stage, or was Puckett just making the assumption that you were being sarcastic? In other words, were you unfairly made out to be somewhat of an ass, or were you really picking on Snipedown?

Answer: I was being sarcastic. People in the crowd were yelling “Neighbor looks scared” so I had to reply.

Submitted by DansDans
How many hours do you play a day as a team?

Answer: Not many but in the next coming weeks much, much more.

Submitted by boo0m
Give us your Vegas top 4

Answer: In no order FB, Str8, Triggers, Instinct

Submitted by Nanfan
1. What’s better… free dr. pepper or free red bull? 2. Do you secretly still wear your Str8 Rippin jersey to bed? 3. Are you a NanfaN fan?

Answer: 1. Both 2. Very Rarely 3. Of course

Submitted by Ruuufiioooooo
If something happened and you were dropped from Final Boss, which team would you want to join and why?

Answer: If I was ever dropped from FB hopefully an established team would pick me up, If not Tetra Sh0t and I would team and rule the world.

Submitted by me behind u
Boxers or Briefs

Answer: Briefs but I do have a lucky pair of boxers.

Submitted by ManWithOutModem
Will you marry me?

Answer: No.

Submitted by OGRE2
What kind of cover up do you use?

Answer: NONE all natural.

Submitted by Saad2533
1. If you keep walking half way to the wall will you ever make it there? 2. If you pass someone in second place, what place are you in?

Answer: 1. No 2. 2nd

Submitted by frodan
1. What was the greatest game/play you’ve ever pulled off in an MLG event? 2. What did FB do “wrong” in Toronto and Dallas? (“wrong” because 3rd is still really good, but obviously FB aims for first) 3. What about Halo 3 frustrates you the most?

Answer: 1. Str8 vs. TD amp Ts game 5. 2. We folded 3. Losing

Submitted by Battlewoundz
How did you manage your life with school, friends, sports, and gaming? And also how did you convince your parents that gaming is a good thing.

Answer: This was very difficult for me. I had to sacrifice a lot of activities to pursue my halo career. I quit my high school basketball and golf team to dedicate myself more to halo. With friends it wasn’t that tough because I would still hang out with them everyday and just play very late at night. And my parents have always been supportive of whatever I’ve done but this is the one thing they had trouble with since I spent so much time doing it.

Submitted by GR33NeyedDevil

Obama or Mccain?

Answer: Like them both Obama is very sharp and exciting, and Mccain is a true American hero.

Submitted by Saint_Nick
What advice would u give to MLG pro hopefuls such as me? Is it all practice and dedication?

Answer: Have fun with it. If it’s something you really want to do there is a lot of hard work and dedication you have to put into it but if you’re able to that you can make it in this league. Z

Submitted by z0mg_mee
Exactly how funny was it for you when you 15-0′ed Frosty?

Answer: It was kind of funny because Frosty is a very competitive person and when I did that I talked mad S***. This took place at the FB Cr lan before Toronto and I would play 1 on 1’s against Callmegod and Frosty. I was beating them pretty badly every game we played so I told them before the lan finishes I will 15-0 one of you and it ended up being Frosty.

Submitted by Healy997
Are the Rays going to win the world series?

Answer: Yes

Submitted by WogG
Who do you think is the best player in the game?

Answer: I am the best player in the game.

Submitted by Eclipse
Neighbor….I no scoped you yesterday on Construct…remember? When that kinda stuff happens to you, do you think to yourself that you’re gonna be in someone’s montage?? lol. Just wondering cause every time someone gets lucky on me I think to myself,”damn, i’m gonna get fileshared.

Answer: Yes I do.

Submitted by RadioHack
Are you doing this because you really love your fans or was this suggested by mlg/sponsor.

Answer: No, I’m trying something new. Well thanks for everyone’s questions, if I didn’t answer yours it was either answered some other way from another question or it is a stupid question.

Hope everybody is excited for Vegas like I am it will be another awesome tournament and I can’t wait for the exciting matches! Love, Mason P.s Shyre is getting better at halo 3, give him a chance! P.s.s Happy 21st Tom.