As confirmed by MLG Commissioner John Nelson, Neighbor has officially filed for free-agency from Str8 Rippin, and almost immediately after, has signed on as the fourth and final member of Final Boss. This, coming just days after the official announcement of Walshy’s departure from the team.

Neighbor made his first appearance with Str8 Rippin at the second event of the 2007 Season, MLG Meadowlands. From there, he has firmly established himself as a well-rounded player with a knack for slaying. Neighbor capped off his regular-season Halo 2 career with a first place finish at MLG Orlando 2007, which helped to propel him into the dawn of Halo 3. He has achieved an immense level of success thus far in 2008, as well as a wealth of support from the community for his performance at each of this season’s events.

With the addition of Neighbor to Final Boss now official, the Halo community will undoubtedly await answers to the many questions they now have to ponder. Who will fill the void for Neighbor as the fourth player on Str8 Rippin? How will Final Boss adjust to Neighbor’s unique play-style? We will see how this all plays out as MLG Toronto creeps closer and closer. Please be advised though, that nothing is official until paperwork is filed with MLG’s Commissioner and the change is approved. We will keep you updated on the current developments as they roll out from our League Ops department.

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