MLG is very pleased to announce that three top finishers from MLG Columbus have accepted Code A status and will be heading to Korea to compete as part of the League Exchange Program. Dignitas.Naniwa and MouzThorzain will be competing in GSL Code A August and will also participate in the August GSTL, as a part of Korean pro team WeMadeFox.  The third participating player will be announced shortly. Full expenses for all three players will be provided by the GSL.

Once again, MLG would like to thank the GSL for helping to make this historic program possible, and we’d like to congratulate Naniwa and Thorzain on being among the first players to participate. We wish them the best of luck in the GSL, GSTL, and future MLG Pro Circuit Competitions.

We would also like to congratulate SlayerSMMA, the MLG Columbus Champion, for making it to the Finals of the GSL Super Tournament. Be sure to watch the Finals on June 18 on to see if MMA's impressive streak of wins will continue.