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Hey everyone! Pop in a couple pieces of Stride Gum® (Eternal Melon, my favorite), kick back, relax, and enjoy this blog! I am going to be answering questions that you guys posted on the Stride Q&A forum thread. There is a rumble pit gameplay video at the end of the blog and it was the FIRST game of Halo: Reach I ever played and I hope everyone enjoys that film. It is nothing to fancy just a good gameplay to watch. I also want to thank Stride Gum® for being such a good sponsor and having really delicious tasting gum ha-ha! Let’s get to it!

TFoXiC_on3 asks:
What was your favorite Halo and how do you compare it to Halo Reach?

My favorite Halo is a tie between Halo 1 and Halo 2. Halo 1’s fun factor is unmatchable. Every time I play it I have the time of my life ha-ha. Halo 2 is just in its own category because of all the glitches. In my opinion the glitches is what made the game so competitive. Comparing them to Halo: Reach however, I think that it is better than Halo 3 but not better than Halo 1 and Halo 2 because they just are not as good in the competitive aspect.

TaK asks:
Do you guys miss playing 1v1 tourneys?? Do you wish there were some 1v1 tourneys or ladders?

I do miss 1v1 tournaments and especially free for alls. I just love having another thing to play besides 4v4s. Free for all was something I could just do all by myself and that is why I loved it. I hope MLG eventually brings back free for alls and 1v1s.

xMCLOV7N asks:
What advice could you give me regarding choosing a team, should I look for roles such as Objective Player, Main Slayer etc..?

In my opinion, for a team to perform their best, everyone has to be able to know all aspects of the roles. Everyone should be able to perform anything at anytime and not be limited to his or her roles. That comes with a lot of practice and good critical thinking skills.

Ne11a asks:
With the great importance of having very good mental strength, what are some ways to work on your mental game?

In my opinion, I believe Halo is 70% mental, 20% communication, and 10% skill. Having a good mental is so important and it is hard to perform your best when you are not focused. I have read a lot about the mental aspects in sports and people that have an excellent “mental game” are on a different level than many other players. Some different ways to improve your mental game are reading books about mental aspects in sports and also there is a lot of stuff online about exercises that improve focus and concentration.

Z011ars asks:
If you could choose one map from any of the first three Halos for Bungie to remake on Reach, what map would it be?

Midship. It is definitely a must have in any Halo game.

Brooney asks:
As probably the most dedicated long time player on the circuit, how do you see your chances to get an event win in Reach?

I see my chances as the same as the past Halo games. All I have to do is keep my motivation high, put in a lot of effort, hard work, and practice. Then once the tournaments roll around just apply everything we did online and that is a good recipe for success and to win.

Swany58 asks:
If you could choose to own a pool full of jello, or a pool full of pudding, which would you pick?

Pool full of jello just because I like jello more than pudding ha-ha!

DubDubFTW asks:
Do you think you are as dominant in reach as you were in Halo 3?

I feel like my individual skill is definitely the same. I have still a very good shot and great map movement. It all just comes with being dedicated and working hard, in my opinion.

OnMyEXia asks:
The DMR spamming is a very controversial topic. Do you prefer to spam, or pace and what do you think will be the most dominant DMR style on the circuit?

It is very hard to tell online because of the lag. As of now though I have been spamming a lot in rumble pit for close range battles and for longer-range battles I usually pace it a little more. I also think that strafing affects your shot a lot as well. Learning how to strafe in certain situations can win you a lot of battles.

Your blog had a lot to say about your teammates as far as Halo 3 is concerned. You obviously have a different outlook on what you’re looking for in players going into Reach, but what are you going to change personally?

I myself will still continue to work on my leadership skills. I believe I have always had great leadership skills but never had a team where I could show them on. Also, just overall be a lot more positive. Positivity is not used as much as it should be.

Holykier asks:
Everyone knows one key to being a good player is able to fully relax, and not become too anxious. What do you do to relax before a big game?

I usually just try to just make myself realize that it is just another round of Halo. I try continuing to play and do the right things for my team. If you make the situation seem bigger than it actually is then you are not as focused on your play.

Your_Climax asks:
What is favorite memory and toughest loss to get over?

My favorite memories are all the times I had on my 2006 team Storm Ventures. That was some of the best times ever. The toughest losses I would say were all the times I lost to Final Boss in 2010. They were all very close and my team came out losing every time because of minor mental mistakes. Props to FB for being more prepared and ready for the matches.

Overuled asks:
You undoubtedly have some of the most exciting gameplay in the league had you ever thought about releasing a montage? / Will we ever see a Naded tage?

I do not plan on having a montage. I am not a big fan of them.

GFR-TheEnd-15 asks:
How long did it take you to get playing at such a high sens. down?

Not long at all actually. I guess I just have a natural ability to play high senses on command. I played 7 sens. in Halo 2 and 6 sens. in Halo 3. I am currently playing on 4 in Halo Reach but you never know what I could be on next ha-ha!

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