Looking for some entertainment over the holidays?  Look no further than www.majorleaguegaming.com.

As a special holiday gift to you, MLG is unwrapping the MLG vs Proleague – (MvP) Invitational! From December 23 – January 6, watch the action-packed MvP tournament, in its entirety, for free in HD on majorleaguegaming.com and Twitch.TV.

During the MvP Invitational, 48 of the world’s best StarCraft II players including the top 24 ranked StarCraft II players in KeSPA’s Proleague – Flash, Jaedong, Rain and more-  12 players from North America, six players from Europe and six players from Korea /Taiwan, competed for $10,000 in prizes. Join casters Nick “Axslav” Ranish and Alex “Axeltoss” Rodriguez for 13 days of programming with 100+ games casted for dozens of hours of content. Check below for the complete MvP broadcast schedule.

In addition to MvP, check out the programming schedule for an up to date list of other shows including best-of moments for League of Legends, Halo 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and more.


MvP Unwrapped Schedule

(All broadcasts begin at 6pm ET)

Regular Season

Sunday 12/23

Match 1: Bisu (P) vs. Huk(P)
Match 2: Naniwa (P) vs. JaeDong (Z)
Match 3: Idra (Z) vs. Stork (P)
Match 4: Soulkey (Z) vs. Puma (T)
Match 5: Illusion (T)vs. Rain (P)
Match 6: Sheth (Z) vs. Flash (T)

Tuesday 12/25

Idra (Z) vs. Flash (T)
Jaedong (Z) vs. Alicia (P)
Socke (P) vs. Stork (P)
Crank (P) vs. Soulkey (Z)
Major (T) vs. Fantasy (T)
Grubby (P) vs. Stork (P)
Major (T) vs. soO (Z)
MC (P) vs. sOs (P)
Huk (P) vs. CrazyHydra (Z)
Crank (P) vs. Light (T)

Wednesday 12/26

MC (P) vs Jaedong (Z)
Grubby (P) vs Flash (T)
Sasquatch (Z) vs SoS (P)
Sase (P) vs Last (T)
Alive (T) vs Hyvaa (Z)
Vibe (Z) vs Rain (P)
Naniwa (P) vs Flash (T)
Thorzain (T) vs Hero (P)
Socke (P) vs Roro (Z)
Hawk (Z) vs Fantasy (T)
Select (T) vs Soulkey (Z)
Huk (P) vs Jaedong (Z)

Thursday 12/27

MC (P) vs Rain (P)
Ret (Z) vs CrazyHydra (Z)
Crank (P) vs Flash (T)
Alive (T) vs soO (Z)
Thorzain (T) vs Stats (P)
Grubby (P) vs Action (Z)
Major (T) vs Jaedong (Z)
Oz (P) vs Last (T) (Z)
Huk (P) vs Hyvaa (Z)
Naniwa (P) vs Roro (Z)
Sase (P) vs Rain (P)
Thorzain (T) vs Fantasy (T)

Friday 12/28

Regular Season Tiebreakers



Saturday 12/29 - Round of 16

Sunday 12/30 - Round of 16

Tuesday 1/1 - Round of 16

Wednesday 1/2 - Round of 16

Thursday 1/3 - Quarterfinals

Friday 1/4 - Quarterfinals

Saturday 1/5 - Semifinals

Sunday 1/6 - Finals