The MvP (MLG vs. Proleague) Invitational broadcast kicks off Thursday, September 27 at 7pm ET at 48 of the world’s best StarCraft II players including the top 24 ranked StarCraft II players in KeSPA’s Proleague, 12 players from North America, six players from Europe (EU) and six players from Korea /Taiwan, will compete for a chance at $10,000 in prizes, as well as eight coveted spots in Group Play and an all-expenses paid trip to compete at the MLG Fall Championship in Dallas, Texas, from November 2-4.


How to Watch:

To watch, purchase your pass now to access five weeks of insane competition in up to 1080p, hosted, commentated and analyzed by Nick “Axslav” Ranish and Alex “Axeltoss” Rodriguez. Plus, you will get exclusive access to VOD.

MvP Pass Price: $9.99

The matches will be cast from MLG’s NYC studio headquarters twice a week. Axslav and Axeltoss will both be live from the studio streaming the best matches from the Invitational. A full broadcast schedule is available below.

Stay tuned for more details on a community vote for a featured match each broadcast night.


The Tournament Format:

MLG vs Proleague is about pitting the best players from each organization against each other. Players from each side play each other exclusively each week, with no intra-region play happening until the playoffs. By the playoffs, all 24 KeSPA pro’s will have played all 24 global players.

The Playoffs:

In the playoffs, the format changes to narrow down each regions players until one player remains from KeSPA and one player remains from MLG. These two star players then compete in the finals for a winner-takes-all $10,000 grand prize. Along the way, the MvP Invitational will also determine 8 spots in MLG Dallas Fall Championship Group Play, 4 from KeSPA Proleague, 2 from NA, 1 from EU and 1 from Korea/Taiwan.


MvP Bracket


MvP Invitational Broadcast Schedule: Schedule is subject to change

Full Fall Season Broadcast Schedule

Most MvP content airs on Monday and Fridays at 7pm ET, with a few extra broadcasts airing over the next five weeks. You must purchase a pass to watch and access VOD. Match ups will be announced each day at


Thursday, Sept 27
Friday, Sept 28
Monday, Oct 1
Friday, Oct 5
Monday, Oct 8
Friday, Oct 12
Monday, Oct 15

Friday, Oct 19 – Round 1 – Europe & Korea/Taiwan
Saturday, Oct 20 – Round 1 – Proleague Day 1
Sunday, Oct 21 – Round 1 – Proleague Day 2
Monday, Oct 22 – Round 1 – North America
Tuesday, Oct 23 – Quarterfinals – Proleague
Thursday, Oct 25 – Quarterfinals – NA vs. NA & EU vs. KT
Friday, Oct 26 – Semifinals – PL vs. PL & NA vs. EU/KT
Monday, Oct 29 – Final – MLG Finalist vs. Proleague Finalist


Day 1 Featured Matches (Thursday 9/27):
Huk (P) vs. Bisu (P)
Naniwa (P) vs. JaeDong (Z)
Idra (Z) vs. Stork (P)
Soulkey (Z) vs. Puma (T)
Illusion (T)vs. Rain (P)
Sheth (Z) vs. Flash (T)


Day 2 Matches (Friday 9/28):
Vibe (Z) vs. Flash (T)
Alicia (P) vs. JaeDong (Z)

2-3 Additional Featured Matches will be announced day of broadcast.


Day 3 Matches (Mon 10/1):
Grubby (P) vs. Stork (P)
Thorzain (T) vs. Jangbi (P)

2-3 Additional Featured Matches will be announced day of broadcast.


The MvP Invitational Players

Pro League Players

CJ ENTUS Kim Jung Woo Effort
CJ ENTUS Kim Jun Ho hero
CJ ENTUS Jo Byeng Se skyhigh
KT Rolster Kim Dae Yeob Stats
KT Rolster Kim Sung Dae Action
KT Rolster Lee Young Ho Flash
KT Rolster Lim Jeong Hyun Crazy-Hydra
SK telecom T1 Kim Taek Yong Bisu
SK telecom T1 Eo Yun Su soo
SK telecom T1 Jung Myung Hun fantasy
SK telecom T1 Jung Yoon Jong Rain
STX SOUL Kim Do Woo Classic
STX SOUL Kim Seong Hyun Last
STX SOUL Shin Dae Keun hyvaa
STX SOUL Cho Seong Ho Trap
8th TEAM Kim Jae Hoon jaehoon
8th TEAM Lee Jae Dong JD
8th TEAM Jeon Tae Yang ty
SAMSUNG KHAN Song Byug Gu stork
SAMSUNG KHAN Shin No Youl roro
SAMSUNG KHAN Heo Young Moo jangbi
Woongjin Stars Kim Min Chul soulkey
Woongjin Stars Kim You Jin sos
Woongjin Stars Lee Jae Ho Light

MLG Players

Region Player Team
Europe Naniwa N/A
Stephano EG
Sockeh Alternate
Grubby N/A
Ret Liquid
Thorzain EG
North America Huk EG
Idra EG
Select Dignitas
Sheth Liquid
Sasquatch Complexity
Illusion Quantic
KawaiiRice Light
Hawk Quantic
Caliber Light
QXC Complexity
Vibe Root
Major Root
Korea Alicia SlayerS
MC SK Gaming
Puma EG
Alive Fnatic
Oz Fnatic
Crank N/A