An intense debate has been silently raging across the Halo community since the very first glitch was discovered in Halo 1: Should gamers exploit an unintended game glitch in order to obtain an advantage over their opponent? Gamers from all over the globe have expressed a wide range of ideas and opinions on the subject. Many believe that if it is in the game, intentionally or not, it is fair play since everyone has an opportunity and right to use it. Others see these glitches as a threat to the sanctity of gaming and they should be avoided at all costs. However, most gamers fall into the middle-ground, believing that a line must be drawn somewhere distinguishing strategy from cheating.

Surely we are all guilty of exploiting a glitch at one time or another in our Halo careers, whether we knew it or not. Who among us can say they have never tried the reload trick, standing on a warp to melee someone in the back, or even blowing the sniper to themselves with a grenade? None of those techniques where intentionally included by the developers, but as time progressed they became invaluable strategy in competitive play.

The average gamer wouldn’t consider any of those “tricks” cheating, but think about this: What if you warp your teammate outside of the level while he is holding the oddball making it impossible for the other team to harm him? These are the types of things we must consider when we discuss glitches.

In order to play fair we, as competitive gamers, must adhere to a personal code of honor. We must use our own judgment to evaluate if a glitch is cheating. I propose these general guidelines when trying to determine the legality of a glitch:

  • Does the glitch give you or your team a nearly insurmountable advantage?

  • Do you leave the bounds of the level?
  • Is there any use of “unlimited” ammo?
  • Are you or any of the weapons made stronger by the glitch?
  • Does the other team have the ability to do it?
  • Would your mother beat you if she saw you do it?

    Of course, as Halo 2 matures new glitches and bugs will emerge, but we as professional gamers have a responsibility to play fair and beat our competitors in an honorable fashion, because without our self respect and dignity we cannot function as a community. Glitches will never go away as long as people make video games. We must learn to live with them and use our best judgment to determine how far we are willing to go in order to gain an advantage over an opponent. How high is the price of victory? Is it worth our own honor and reputation as gamers? I should hope not.


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