After taking fourth place with Ambush last event, Mudvayne has joined with Breaking Point for Toronto. They hope he will be the catalyst to drive them into the Top 8. We asked Mudvayne to give his take on how Toronto will play out.

Mudvayne(far left) picks Str8 Rippin to take MLG Toronto.

1. Str8 Rippin – I don’t think Str8 Rippin gained or lost anything with their most recent team change, acquiring Snipedown for Neighbor. Both have very similar play styles and are amazing players. If anything, Snipedown adds more explosiveness and chaotic play to Str8 Rippin, which I think will help Str8 win their second event of the year.

2. Triggers Down – Triggers Down lost Snipedown, which in my opinion is a loss, but not such a loss that will keep them out of the top 2. Triggers Down picked up the smartest player in the league in Mackeo, and will continue to dominate. Triggers Down still has amazing slaying power in Fearitself and Hysteria, who doesn’t miss with the sniper, and probably the best support/objective player in the league in SK. I still expect big things from this team, and I believe they can easily make a run to win the Championship.

3. Final Boss – Picking up Neighbor will no doubt help this team incredibly, but I just don’t see them over taking Triggers Down and Str8 Rippin quite yet. Final Boss needs to get back into the Top 3, and with the acquisition of Neighbor, I can definitely see them getting back up there.

4. Instinct – I’m not too sure what to think about this team. They are absolutely amazing online. The teamwork they have together from what I have witnessed playing them is insane. Roy and Lunchbox are absolutely crazy together. If the way they play online can carry over to LAN, I can see this team possibly winning Toronto. I think they need more time to practice and prepare before they start winning events. 4th seems like a safe pick for them.

5. Carbon – I don’t know how much Carbon has practiced or if they are LAN’ing with anyone before Toronto. In my opinion Carbon has the potential to be right up there with the top teams and win an event. But with the lack of practice, I don’t see Carbon breaking into the Top 4.

6. Breaking Point – Go ahead call me cocky, but I know the potential my team has. Chig is one of the best snipers and sneakiest players in the league. Ace is also just flat out amazing. He gets to watch his brother (Elamite) play at home, and I’m sure he learns a lot from him which certainly helps his game. Lowkin is also a very underrated player; he seems to always find ways to stay alive and keeps our team in control of every map. I’m not saying this to be cocky, but I think we will learn a lot from LAN’ing with Str8 Rippin, and I think we’ll all be at the top of our game at Toronto.

7. Classic – Team Classic has not been practicing at all lately, which will hurt them. Acquiring Victory from Instinct was a very good move, but I think the lack of practice will come back to haunt them. I’m pretty sure Classic is LAN’ing before Toronto, which will help them, but I’m not sure if they will get back into the Top 6 this event.

8. Ambush – I’m not really gonna say much about this team. Heinz and Pistola are absolutely amazing, but I don’t think they will have what it takes to get back into the Top 4 or 6, 8th place is a safe pick.

Surprise Team – AntiGravity - AtG has been practicing a lot against top teams and winning. I could easily see this team making an upset in round 2 or 3 of the Winners Bracket. Severince and Tizoxic have found a way to 8th place every tournament this year. Top 6 is a good possibility for this team; however, brackets are not in their favor for this to happen.