Well, welcome back! I hope everyone’s Holiday was enjoyable. Here are some tasty tidbits that you may have missed while you were away:

  • HBO has posted an XML to CSV converter by John Redman. What does this mean? Well, a CSV file is a comma delimited file that is easily read by Excel. So, if you have wanted your Halo 2 stats in an easy to view spreadsheet, this might be your answer.
  • Just in time for New Years, the Legendary Beer Stein! While Halo is a “Mature” rated game, I wonder out of all the people who buy that bad boy how many will drink beer out of it and how many will drink soda?(HBO)
  • Infinium Labs has announced that it will debut its final system at the CES next month. Several news sites have posted this news, but 1up.com has some really interesting numbers you should see. They have some serious funding issues they will need to clear up if they want to make their 2nd Quarter 2005 launch.

Slow morning. I’ll update you later today if anything major hits the fans. (Oh, and it’s my birthday today. I’m like 40, or something. Pathetic.)