MLG.TV Kicks Off 2015 With 253% Growth in Viewership

First Quarter Sees 482% increase in Ad Revenue

NEW YORK – April 9, 2015: Major League Gaming (MLG), today announced first quarter results for MLG.TV, its premium broadcasting network, which has seen viewership increase by 253% year over year and ad revenue jump by 482%.

Video viewership is on the rise for MLG’s 16-month-old live broadcast platform. now has a 70% quarterly growth rate and in the first 90 days of 2015 has already surpassed the number of hours viewed for the prior two quarters – from July through December 2014.

“We launched with a premium, highly-curated programming strategy and the result is a fast growing, engaged millennial audience of millions,” said Mike Sepso, President and cofounder of MLG. “We invested heavily in our ad solution and focused on mobile and OTTV distribution and the results have been amazing for both our advertisers and our broadcast partners.”

The company’s audience growth contributed to a 482% increase in year over year video advertising revenue for the period from Q1 ‘14 to Q1 ‘15 with over 2,600 individual brands. In a significant shift brought on by expanded distribution on mobile and OTTV platforms, a full 50% of’s video ad inventory is now delivered via mobile apps or OTTV devices on Xbox Live, Roku and Chromecast.

“We have proven to be the most successful platform for partners looking to monetize their audience and have been deluged with incoming requests for channels,” said Rishi Chadha, VP of Content Acquisition. “This has allowed us to expand our premium-only programming strategy, while still being highly selective in choosing our partners for “

Significant growth is expected to continue as recent innovations in’s  data management and programmatic ad platform have met with increased demand and resulted in 20% increase in average CPMs within the quarter.

MLG will expand on the 1000+ hours of original broadcast content it created in 2014. Joining notable programming like the eSports Report and Call of Duty Championship presented by Xbox with expanded competition at ESPN’s X Games and debuting strong newcomers like The Cast Off.


About Major League Gaming (MLG):

Founded in 2002, MLG is a fully integrated eSports operator incorporating online tournaments, streaming and live events to promote the growth and awareness of eSports worldwide. provides a platform for high-quality competition that reaches 27 million highly engaged fans each month via web, mobile and OTT devices.